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  1. Random thoughts:I love your Abercrombie shorts—they are better than the target ones….I like the Amazon hat best….the white striped short dress was such a great shape on you….the bag looked cheap…but the shape was cool….the joggers are going in my cart!!! 🙂 thanks girl!

  2. Actually…the target hat looks better on you than the amazon one…plus they have really inexpensive kits online to put an additional hole in your straps of your wedges to tighten them up

  3. The red dress brings me back to my childhood when I was forced to wear those dresses with the scrunchy top and they itched so bad. I will never be able wear those. It looked great on you! I have had my eye on a couple of the items you tried. Might have to take the plunge. 😆😉😀

  4. I have a video idea. Undergarments! 🙂 Specifically bras but you could throw in some panties and shape wear to round it out. Maybe a good smooth t shirt bra, a low plunging one, your favorite sticky bra, you could highlight the aerie bralette, etc. I appreciate and value you opinions and reviews and love the affordable options. Thank you for listening! ♥️

  5. What size are you wearing in the white dress w gold shimmery? I checked blog & didn’t see it either…I saw it at target but they did have small & im debating on just ordering online in small or getting a medium…knowing your size is so helpful! I LOVE your videos!!

  6. Lounge joggers check ✅, lounge shirt check ✅, Universal thread t-shirt check ✅ !! 😊 As always, thank you, for your recommendations !! Got them in mauve and burgundy in store 🏬, since I wanted to try them on. Hugs 🤗, Amy

  7. Was wondering what you do with all these clothes!! Do you usually keep most of the stuff or send it back/just for the video. Because if you keep it you must have SO MANY clothes!! Ha ha I’m just curious

  8. I saw this title and clicked sooo fast! I love your Target hauls so much, and I’m a Target addict so my bank account is cowering in fear right now! 🤣


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