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Hydro dipping! That’s what we’re making an attempt immediately. How a lot hydro dipping is TOO a lot hydro dipping? We’re about to search out out! What piece was your favourite?

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  1. I hope this helps: (Also I'm not an expert soo.. take it at that. :/)
    1.) DON'T go fast, you're supposed to go slow as to not get wrinkles or imperfections. It also helps to keep the pattern intact.
    2.) Try mixing a filler color to separate the main two. Like: using long sprays of yellow then shorter fillers of black, then a long spray of blue. Doing this helps make the base colors POP more.
    3.) Fabric is not really the best suited for hydro dipping; plastics are usually the most commonly used material for this.
    4.) Fully submerge the object being dipped then swish it around, doing so helps to get the excess paint away from your object so that you don't mess up the dip when pulling it out of the water.
    5.) Try gluing or stapling the fabric to, thin-but-solid, pieces of wood (or other hard surface) to make slow dipping them easier. (THIS IS NOT FACT, JUST AN IDEA)
    Have fun, and I hope to see more Hydro-dipping attempts in the future. 😀

  2. There's a big difference between water marbling and hydro dipping. Hydro dipping uses a transfer sheet that is printed. They hydro dip car parts, helmets, etc not water marble. Sam you're water marbling


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