I construct an electrical guitar, Fender Stratocaster, out of 1200 coloured pencils. Please subscribe if you would like to see extra!
Song I performed on the finish is a small part of a model of “To God Be The Glory” that Mateus Asato performs, he calls “My Tribute”. He is one of my greatest inspirations in phrases of enjoying type.

Business inquiries: burlsart@gmail.com

Music (third tune so as) by Rogue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg97yEAjDdLNFNEBjoHUqtA


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  2. Make a snare? Or a acoustic ovation style. Maybe think acrylic, water base dries and cures faster the oil base. Epoxys are good but i feel if u sprayed the coats, with any of the three would have helped, after the dunking. uckn awsome bro,and very creative. Out side of the box! Of color pencils..

  3. I just cannot imagine why anyone would give this fellow a thumbs down for this stellar effort.

    Fabulous, detailed videography, nice even paced narrative depicting the journey from pencil crayons in boxes to an absolute masterpiece. It sounds amazing as well. My hat is off to you young man. What a fantastic job. I really enjoyed watching this video.

    Cheers from Canada


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