Hey guys! I actually felt like experimenting my model for the previous few months and thought giving the GirBoss model a strive can be enjoyable! Huge due to Komal Pandey for her cameo and TheBeautyCo for sponsoring this video!

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Production: Kaushi Bharti
Video: Sudhanshu Chandra
Writer: Satvika Jain

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Camera used: Sony Alpha vary


  1. Which look was your favourite? Mine was the photoshoot day😁

    PS there is a discount code for TheBeautyCo for you guys! Details in the description box!

  2. Lol which boss shows bra in offices. There is some dress code to follow. So guys will come in their undergarments as well. Don't spread bullshit if u never worked in professional setup. Just say it's my YouTube style. Pls get educated. Even very liberal families girls don't go out showing bras..

  3. "Girl boss" dress means exposive clothes.hmm..okay I know where she got this from, for Komal, her whole fan base is all about saree and her fashionable short girl looks, she got the fame from popxo but for sejal, I think normal clothes suit so much better for her body shape and all.Its just my opinion nothing harsh, but the clothes just disappointed me.

  4. yaha par har koi ladki comments kar rahi he lekin mii ladka hoke cmt kar raha hoon..bcoz mii sejal ko bahut dino se follow karta hoon…uske videos bahut jyada professional huva karte he..i like very much to u sejal from the engineering girls web series..😘😘😘😍

  5. Sejal be you….dont be like other….. u can also create ur own style girlboss look….. well you look awesome but the pink big coat look …. i think usmai jegging jayada achi lagegi..not a skirt

  6. It's not really convenient and comfortable for everyone to wear a bra and a blazer and just roam around like that. So, how are they supposed to dress up like a girl boss? Lol


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