When Sam obtained her household DNA assessments for the vacations, she had no concept it could utterly change her life. Follow her on her journey to seek out her organic father.

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  1. There have been lawsuits when recipient families do this. The fertility clinic usually requires a contract saying the recipient will not seek out the donor or attempt to identify him.

  2. Fake father? not really when the man raised you. He's your real dad and you should had left at that unless a real dad wasn't good enough after he dried up. Who ever casted the doubt, that person should of told you the truth and not having to go through paternity test. Mommy is a liar just like………


  4. I was in my late 20s when I found out the same news. Different situation. My mother had an affair. After I found out I felt there was no reason to even tell the man who thinks he's my biological parent. He raised me. He was there from my birth till his death. Why would I tell him something that would hurt him. Theres DNA tests now so we no longer need to know our biological parent predisposition to certain diseases. Just take the test and remember it doesn't matter. What matters is you're here. I have no desire at all to meet my half brothers. Why?? There nothing to me. They dont know I exist and telling them would hurt there family. In short…your not alone. You seem to have a wonderful mom. Your family are the people closest to you. Not people you share DNA with. If that was the case were almost all related if you go back far enough. Hope that doesn't sound insulting. Not my intention. I've just lived your life and at my age…55. I know what's important to me. Hope you can find peace.

  5. People in the comments are crazy. She never said anything about cutting off her relationship with her real father, just that she was interested in finding out more about her biological father. You're seriously telling me you wouldn't be interested in sitting down and having a conversation with the person who gave you literally half of your DNA if you'd never had the chance to do so before? Give me a break.

  6. Found out at 50 my dad was not my biological dad. Did a DNA test and found out much of my life was a lie . It’s tough going sometimes, we were very different and it was abusive at times . Getting close to finding my Aussi dad .
    You were brought into the world with so much love , and it’s obvious your parents love you . I’m embracing my new ethic heritage and the old one as well .

  7. It's selfish to lie to your child about who their father is… My grandma was lied to as well. She didn't find out that the man that raised her and was the father of her younger brothers, was not her biological father. Until her mother DIED and her aunt finally told her the truth. By that time my grandma was 54. I can't imagine how blindsided she felt.

  8. I feel bad for her…her parents are complete idiots and have no empathy. I'd go as far as calling them narcissists. How could they not think that it would be important to tell them, "Hey, you're dad is not your biological dad," FROM THE BEGINNING.

  9. A lot of puffed up opinions are flying around here. In the end who cares who lied to who and how "wrong" or "right" some element of this all was? These people feel good about it, they got over their shock from not knowing and gained a lot from the experience. They even got some small amount of youtube recognition (whatever that's worth) Can we just leave it at that without all the "SUCH BLASPHEMY!!" and just live our own lives?

  10. The mother said "Just didn't seem to be a good enough reason to tell them". WHAT? Everyone should know who their parents are beeaatch!

  11. Danney Williams Father William Clinton

    Chelsea Clinton's Father Webster Hubel

    Barry Sotroes Father Frank Marshal Davis Communist Writer and Pornographer who mentored Barry in Hawaii

  12. These country based dna tests are about 50% accurate at best. Ignore them. They can just about tell you what continent your dna history is from. Big waste of money


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