Inside the dressing room dimension 12 attempt on: Personal stylist chooses my outfits! I let a stylist choose my outfits. I love making movies the place I attempt completely different types and vogue for a week, and brutally sincere opinions of bizarre on-line vogue, however right now I let a nordstroms stylist gown my curvy, mid dimension physique. What do you consider the outfits and types she selected?

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Hey curvy babes! This contained in the dressing room video is a little completely different, I let a skilled stylist select my outfits. I took the digicam contained in the dressing room whereas I was purchasing with the private shopper and did a attempt on haul of the garments she picked for me! I have a powerful physique to decorate, since I’m mid dimension and about a dimension 12, I cannot match into most plus dimension garments, however the sizing is not all the time proper with customary dimension Clothes.

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  1. I think it the fuschia pink was really pretty on you, but I felt the sweater itself had a shape I was iffy on.

    To be fair, a lot of us don't think colors that others like on us we like on us, it's normal. Like 99% of warm colors I think make my rosacea pop too much, but other people say I should wear more reds, oranges and pinks. ^^; I've found some I feel good in, but I don't often and what matters is how you feel about the color and item, not the stylist~

  2. I looooved that pink sweater so yeah I agree with the stylist. Thougt, indeed it’s very bright so if you’re not comfortable with that i defenetly get it<33 love this video!

  3. I didnt super love the shape of the pink sweater, but the color looked wonderful on you!! I think if you paired the same color shirt w a neutral jacket, its be amazing!!

  4. That was a great video and such a great concept! I really like the pieces you bought and thought the stylist did do a great job picking pieces for you as well! Maybe I’ll try a personal stylist one day 👍🏽.

  5. Sierra, I have the opposite problem, I have a waist but no hips or butt. When I buy jeans that fit my waist they slide down because they are so baggy on my rear. Hear is my trick. You can make a slight nick in the beginning of the waist band, just on the inside. Thread an elastic piece through and you can safety pin it in place on each end. Then if you need a little hold, you can tighten the elastic and if you need some eating room, you can loosen it. From the outside no one can even tell.

  6. The color of the sweater looks great on you but the sweater it's self is not attractive LOL! I think if you added a bodysuit in that color with all neutrals then it would show how that color makes your skin look flawless

  7. You definitely have to get the dark wash jeans with a black bodysuit and the sized down gray jacket and wear it with those gray perforated shoes/or black midi boots that you tried on in the beginning of the video you look great in that… Beautiful… Confident💯

  8. I think you should buy the dress in grey (I think is more your color) and I agree that the pink sweater is totally your color. And I loved this video

  9. All her picks were a loose sweater and jeans… and the event picks were completely casual. Whaaatttt.

    Those pjs pants though looked so good you should definitely have gotten them.

  10. You need to buy the gray booties to go with your outfits and your colors are dark wine or dark plum sweaters and the black dress was just right for. Thanks for the tips cause I'm petite 14 with a tummy to. And try and animal print vest.

  11. I loved the pink in you !! That color is actually pretty good in your skin 💕

    My favorites looks was the 2 one – totally loved the black jeans and the sweater. Glad you bought it 😀

    And also the black dress with the grey jacket – you rocked on that !

    I’m also a personal stylist and that video just make my heart ! Thx


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