I made an Ultra Instinct Mii in Smash Ultimate – Migatte No M I I

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  1. Since you asked for help with your playstyle, let me put on my glasses and point out a few flaws.
    – You're heavily relying on smash attacks. These have a lot of end lag and leave you open for attacks. Only go for a smash attack if, either the opponent has high percent, or you can punish the opponent if he missed one of his smashes or did a move with high end lag. Don't get greedy if the enemy has high percent, though!
    – You mostly do grounded attacks, which limits your arsenal and flexibility. Arial attacks, or arials for short, are essential for your combos and are easy ways to rack up damage and to interrupt your opponents attacks.
    – (While grounded) You're mainly using your jabs and smashes. Try mixing up with your tilts and you might even find out attacks, which combo into each other at certain percent.
    – Try using grabs more often. They're good for damaging your opponent at low percent and good for killing at high percent. It depends on the character if you should smash or grab at high percent.
    The easiest way of learning is with practice, but keep these things in mind when you approach your opponent. I'm a huge smash fan and a subscriber for almost 2 years (if I remember correctly). I love your videos, and seeing you play smash makes me really excited. It's good to see you have fun with the content you create and I hope it stays this way. I'll keep posting tips and tricks under your smash videos, unless you don't want me to. Sorry if I get too excited.
    Sorry for the long comment and remember:

    You're you

  2. If u want to get better, go on a journey to beat the entire adventure mode and get the good ending without using spirits. You should be able to teach urself doing that


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