Would you ever put on the identical precise garments? Why or why not? What would cease you? Ultimately it’s a small change within the panorama of your life and may not have the impact you assume it can.

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  1. Mad Interesting. I don't know if it's so much that noone cares. I think it's more that people notice noticable things. All black isn't something most would notice because I doesn't catch the eye much at all. Like the silhouette can be interesting but not so much if your just wearing black jeans and a black tee. It's subtle enough and common enough to pass under the radar.

  2. Matt, are you still going to be uploading on this channel? I have really loved the videos you've put out! They've been a big help to me. Really hope you're going to continue uploading.

  3. I have had depressed for 3 years and you're videos are helping me . And your videos make me laugh and smile not a lot of things do any more .

    I'm all smiles and laughs on the outside but on the inside I'm sad and alone

  4. In the back of my mind I do remember thinking about the all black clothes, but personally don't care what others wear because in the end it's just clothes. I honestly love this channel because it is so different then many of the YouTube channels now, raw and giving honest feedback on daily life behind the videos. This video is a prime example this channel because it not only gives incite into someone else's life, but it makes me reflect on what I am doing in my life.

  5. This new channel is so inspiring Matt is such a great role model and shows people how to be themselves and not care about what others think. He has been very helpful as I try to handle or cope with overwhelming situations. Just Go With the Flow!

  6. I can’t believe you were depressed you’re such a happy person. But love ur vids. I always wear black but I have a variety of clothes that are black to wear

  7. This is actually a really intriguing video. With my wardrobe I don't necessarily wear black every day but I have it set up in a way where no matter what I pick it always works. I only wear black pants because black pants looks good with everything. My tops I wear button ups or flannels.

  8. I am actually going through this process as well but closer to what you said at the end of the video. Same outfit but change up colors for variety. This accomplishes the same goal without the feeling "suffocated" part. Levis 513 Slim Straight and Prana V-neck T-shirt.

  9. This is so relatable. I'm in my second year of college and the past few months I've been wearing the same v neck shirt paired with jeans/running shorts every day.
    Shopping for women's clothes is so overwhelming for me that cutting that down and sticking to a simpler wardrobe has made me happier and more productive. What Matt mentioned before, I feel like I was only dressing to impress people.

  10. I think i did the same thing as Matt i was trying to empress people with my fashion but now i know it really dosen't matter so i'v been cleaning out my closet and not thinking about what people think of me because it DOSEN'T MATTER! You are awesome the way you are!

  11. You’ve open my mind to be way more happier than I thought it could be. You made me realize that what you wear expresses yourself and shouldn’t be controlled by others. Thank you Matthias, for opening my mind and putting it into my mind that no one really cares about what I wear or how I wear it.
    Some days it’s hard to put clothes on because I always think that someone is going to say something about it and not like it. Other days I just put on my fav hoodie and leave the home. After this video, I feel like all that has changed and now Im going to wear what I think looks nice and not what other people think.

    Thank you, Matthias. Know that your work is greatly appreciated.


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