This is one in all my favourite presents from final Christmas. It´s a suit jacket that’s paying homage to the Channel kind, that is in grey with black particulars, the model is Altea. The skirt is slightly longer in comparison with those I normally put on, nevertheless it fits completely and it´s actually elegant.


  1. My beloved you look so beautiful as always in this video and I absolutely love how you look in your dress and high heels and everything else you are wearing as well. Much love and hugs and kisses to you honey always and forever and ever and ever

  2. WOW this whole outfit on you is so gorgeous and very sexy looking for sure. I absolutely love everything about this outfit. This outfit screams femininity big time. This is one of my favorite kinds of outfits to wear because it makes you look and feel the most sexy and feminine you can be. Those pantyhose looked amazing on you. I love how silky they looked on you. I bet they felt so good to wear. Just seeing how silky these looked on your legs really got me excited. I would love to see you get a pair of these pantyhose in black. Do you know if they make this style of pantyhose your wearing in black. It's so nice to see you in some other colors besides just black all the time. This grey color looks great on you. I think this whole outfit in other colors would look so good on you also.

  3. SWEETHEART!!! Whatever you wear is ALWAYS "ELEGANT" & in this outfit, that tight skirt ACCENTUATES your SEXY ASS!!! 😉 Seems to me you're properly dressed for a PLEASANT NIGHT out but it's when you & I would come back that you'd have to worry honey!! 😉 You should know by now how MUCH I "desire you" & ALL those GORGEOUS (& might I say "MOUTH WATERING") delicious TREATS you'd have to offer me!!! You know I'd welcome ANYTHING you'd want to give me…..ANYTIME, ANYWHERE for as often as you'd like!! 😉 Every time I look at you, the very first word that cums to mind is "D E L I C I O U S" & let me assure you dear, you could NEVER give me enough of what you have to give!! When I'd get done ENJOYING every "INCH" of your CHARMS, I'd be on my knees begging for MORE & MORE!!! You'd need at least need a week to recuperate but only if I could be laying next to you…….JUST TO MAKE SURE!!!! 😉 I sincerely think with my caressing you, holding you & ESPECIALLY "KISSING" every inch of that sexy & delicious body of yours, I'd have EVERY "INCH' of your body ready for "ROUND TWO"!!! Your heart would be beating faster than the wings of a hummingbird, your eyes would roll into the back of your head & you'd undoubtedly be GASPING for breath!! I could put you on a MENTAL & EMOTIONAL "TRIP"; one like you've NEVER been on before!!! 😉 Stay sweet & (above all) as sexy as you've always been!! I'm starving from my hunger for YOU!!! 😉 XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  4. Ines, you are so amazing to me. You can be the sexy girlfriend one minute and the next minute, you are the sophisticated elegant business lady. Every man in your office would be so captivated looking at you .. and wanting you too:)Love always **KISS**

  5. 😻 Las mujeres y los hombres te quieren … ¡y quieren ser tú! ¡Desean tu estilo elegante y exquisito! ¡Quieren esa cara hermosa y piernas perfectas! 😮😉😈 (Me encanta el nuevo nylon tambien !!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰)

  6. Hi Ines… I love your new outfit sweetie! You look very professional, and so very sexy at the same time my dear! 🙂 Lots of love… Jenny xxxxx


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