I´m carrying my new dress imitating leopard skin, with a very gentle and smooth cloth, is model Zendra, from El Corte Ingles. Combined it with a darkish executive jacket from the model Yera. Nice outfit for work!!! And at all times my black stilettos, in fact!!


  1. "WOW" Ines!!! You better watch your back cause I'm AWAYS on the prowl for SEXY "FEMALE" LEOPARD's like you!!! You would be my "PRIZE TROPHY" honey but I wouldn't be "MOUNTING YOU" on my wall!!!! I'd be 'skinning off'  that sexy skirt then laying you in my bed & start "MOUNTING YOU"!!! It'd be my way of putting a big smile on your lovely face & an even BIGGER ONE on mine!!!! 😉 After DRESSING (or undressing) you, I wouldn't have the need to go 'hunting' for a very long time to "COME"!!! You look so DELICIOUS I could FEED off of you for YEARS TO COME!! 😉 And right now, you've made me EXTREMELY "HUNGRY" for what we both know you're hiding!!! 😉 😉 Hmm, Hmm, "GOOD"!! 😉

  2. Wow Ines… You just keep getting prettier and prettier girlfriend! That outfit looks fabulous on you dear, so sexy and feminine! I would love to have you walking through my office, in your black stilettos sweetheart!! 😉 Lots of love… Jenny xxxxx

  3. My beloved you look so beautiful as always in this video and you can be my executive director anytime. I will be happy to orders from you. My love please always remember that you are the queen of my heart I miss you and love you so much. Please becareful and safe always my love. With all of my love hugs and kisses to you my queen.

  4. Beautiful leopard dress hon. I love it but I wish it could have been a little tighter fitting on you. I think if it was a little tighter on you would have made it look even sexier on you. It is nice to see you in some prints instead of just solid colors all the time. I will say those tan pantyhose looked really good with that dress and love the high heels for sure. I wish you could have taken your black jacket off so we could have seen your new dress a little better. Are those pantyhose real silky like. They look very silky on your legs and I really like that a lot.

  5. 😻🥰😻😍😻😍 Gatita, El giro, lentamente dos pasos y la pierna se cruza muy naturalmente !! Eso hace que el corazón salte un latido! ❤️ ✋ 😵

  6. Wow, really love the leapord print dress, looks so amazing on you. And I really like how it shows your shapely legs. Kisses babe.😘👠👠👠


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