Let’s have a full assessment of the custom lightsabers from Savi’s workshop at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. We will hearken to all crystal sounds, & have a look at what my course of was to construct a customized lightsaber.
In this video we’ll check out each kyber crystal sound (besides black)

These lightsabers price $199.99 plus California State Tax, that value contains, the customized hilt, 1 blade, and 1 carrying case in addition to the present that’s placed on as you construct your lightsaber. This video gives you a full walkthrough of my expertise at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.
Savi’s workshop is run by a bunch known as “The Gatherers” and they’re going to secretly instruct you on the way to make your personal customized constructed lightsaber. This isn’t a primary toy, they’re heavy and fabricated from die solid steel.

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  1. CORRECTION: at the time of recording, I didn't realize that my Jedi Temple Guard blade had a big black stopper in the emitter. This is why I thought it wouldn't work with the same blades that come with Savi's Custom Lightsabers. What I say in this video is incorrect. YOU CAN USE SAVI'S BLADES WITH LEGACY HILTS!

  2. Just a bit of feedback. The music you use in the background of the video is really repetitive and just loud enough to be distracting. Maybe use something else or even just have no music in the future.

  3. The blade wobbles so that when it hits something it won’t like crack like people who make cars make them out of soft metal so that if it hits something it’ll kinda crunch together and it won’t be like a hard stop.

  4. Those are hex bolts, the main place I find those is on furniture and bicycles.
    Battery pack is at the bottom. Pull it out and there's a Phillip's head screw on the thing.

  5. It's sad because im still a teenager and not living in the US so it's inconvenient and buying all the stuff i want will cost a lot the plane ticket itself is already expensive enough not need to mention the ticket for disney world and 200 usd for building your own lightsaber

  6. Peace and Justice + Purple kyber crystal = my dream saber
    I'm going in March, so I'm currently selling everything in my house to afford the lightsaber and a holocron
    Do you guys think I should get a second crystal? I'd think it'd be pretty cool


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