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  1. I love your fashion it’s very cute. Did you ever have a chance to live in China or Japan for a long time? 你说之前在北京学过中文,你现在跟老公一起说中文还是英文?

  2. – – YOU are a Classy Lady Mary …lol…no really…you dress very classy and sweet – -.The world needs more sweet mature Soft spoken Classy womyn like you in this World ! – – – Just Sayi'n. – –

  3. – – i will always adore your beautiful Porcelain Skin ! – – – i am Irish Dutch ….so i too have very fair skin just as you. – i tan well though coz i am also part Sioux Indian ! – –

  4. Your videos are honestly the cutest !!💖💖I’ve been following you for 4 years and your the one who made me into Rilakkuma
    And I am still into Rilakkuma thanks to you
    Also I have you on Instagram yay :D❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. the open back on that first one is totally ok, especially with a top underneath. Loving the maid-style dress! I think the buckle on the grey one is nice off to the side.

  6. All very cute! Nice finds. Favorite is the black & white. 🥰 I would center the belt & safety pin the belt tail from the under side so the pin does not show.I’ve had to do that before. Love the Lace blouse on the first. If my undergarment showed through from behind I would probably add 3 buttons. But if nothing showed through then it probably wouldn’t be with the trouble. Maybe you could treat yourself & have a tailor do it or maybe a fabric or craft store attendant would have some super easy & cute closure ideas. Sorry to go on & on. Enjoy your outfits!😊👌🏼

  7. Love the new outfits! Always love your outfit videos 😊! You should try looking at the thrift stores, there are a lot of cute blouses, skirts, and dresses that look similar to Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge styles for a great price! 🤗💕

  8. Hi Mary Bear you look fabulous in your super Kawaii and super awesome wardrobe. I am at my eye appointment sorry my eyes are blurry from dilation. Great wardrobe and outfits for forever 21 haul👍🏻🐻🌈🌸


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