Using our 1150R Rotator to get better a semi tractor/trailer that jack-knifed in snow/ice. If you want my movies, suggestions are significantly appreciated, however not required. Thanks for watching and God bless.


  1. Ron, Sir put a few old metal coat hangers in with your wheel straps. Then use those to help thread the strap through the wheels on probably almost any brake set up. Just bend the hanger what ever angle you need to get it through the wheel holes, instead of trying to use a ungloved hand to pick your fingers in the hole.

  2. I wouldn't mind working in the snow if I could find some damn gloves that fit me, I've got small hands so it's hard to find work gloves that insulate and still give the dexterity needed to do stuff like this.

  3. You must of been freezing. You work work work. I always ask myself "how is he going to get that out" You amaze me every time.Your videos are always the best to watch and learn. When I was growing up we used snow chains on our vechicls. Why is there not any on that truck or other cars I see in the snow? Stay safe out there.

  4. Good job, Ron! Your boom cam was not necessary to grasp what you've done. I think the front end alignment may need an adjustment when the rig is in the shop. What brand/model gloves do you wear in that lousy cold sloppy weather?

  5. Hey….you got to use the new truck? What a challenge and more than likely over an hour in the cold. BRRRRRRRR! You're amazing!

  6. Very much appreciate your slow and cautious methods on most accident recoveries, but this one seems agonizingly LONG!!! Seemed like a simple jack knife that could have been moved in less time. Always appreciate your kindness and professionalism! Thanks for what you do!

  7. Yet another very interesting video from the Ron and his Rotator, I see by the amount of snowfall, you're getting South West Scotland's share, all we had, was a lovely, bank of fog making for a rather bleak Christmas Day, oh for some snow

  8. All those tractor trailer combos going by are just thankful that’s not them in that predicament, glad the driver wasn’t injured, great job as usual.

  9. Ron you do a great job, and I find your work fascinating. Thank you for providing a foul language free channel. I wanted to ask a question. If you needed to re position the truck for a longer pull and you were already hooked up with cables, could you free spool them and move your truck forward to extend the line and then begin the second tow without re hooking?

  10. You make a comment how strenuous the job is, it is more strenuous in the cold. This is a good reason to have aerobic exercise off hours and to require all of your workers to be nicotine free (cigarettes, cigars, chew, snuff, dip and even vape/e-cigs). The nicotine causes arterial spasms, especially coronary arteries. This is another way to get everyone home safely. I have taken care of to many snow and cold related heart attacks. Be safe out there.

  11. Ron i know you said the truck was equipped with Disc Brakes,but nothing about the trailer
    if it was drum brakes it is a recipe for disaster… Merry Christmas All


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