A comedy occasion that can set the brand new commonplace for the way actually superior a comedy particular could be. Join Jeff and his outspoken-often-edgy characters: WALTER, PEANUT, JOSÉ JALAPEÑO (…on a steeek!), BUBBA J and SWEET DADDY DEE for a reside present that can have you ever on the ground laughing!


  1. I just wanted to say "thank you" for just making me laugh!… You have the ability to take the crappy moments in life and show us just how funny it can be if put in a different perspective!

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  3. Hey Jeff I just wanted to say how entertaining and Incredibly funny you are you have taken something which is so horrifying and that is Terrorism and hatred for such a unscrupulous amount of people and turned it into something funny I wish that you had that power in the Middle East to get those guys to drop their guns and to shake hands and become people again now they're like animals no respect for human life and I think through your gift of Comedy you could be responsible to help that whole mess out keep up the good work and say hello to the terrorists for me


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