Best Cover of Jenny’s tune (Podrick’s Song) Game of Thrones
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opb Jenny of Oldstones Florence and the Machine

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Video produced by: One Voice Productions

Did you Shazam the tune on the finish of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2? Well that is it! Hope you suppose that is the most effective jenny’s tune cowl (Jenny of Oldstones or Podrick’s Cover) There’s WAAY too many names for this on the market!!

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  1. A capella hmmm..Nothing like it!
    It use to be if an artist couldn't sing without instruments then chances are with wouldn't be much better…..
    Hint….If an artist you like Can do Acappella the Live concert will be better imho…

  2. Don't really like Acappella that much compared to instruments for the background music, but really like your vocals otherwise! And I really enjoy the GOT songs you make, especially Timbers & Wind 🙂

  3. The moment I heard this song came a vision of an alternate plotline of my book where one of the main characters lives while her Azhdaya(psychically bonded warrior girlfriend and shapeshifting Dragon brother) teammates die instead of her dying. I'm sad now, but also mystified. Perhaps I will make an alternate reality short story after the quartet is released.


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