A comedy a couple of star high-school jock and the way each main faculty within the United States makes an attempt to recruit him and different promising soccer stars…illegally…by promising them free booze, keen cheerleaders, laborious money, Learjets and no homework.


  1. This movie should be rated R, not pg-13 as there are naked women and, sexual innuendos and trash talk. I'm appauled that YouTube let people watch without having to sign in and allows any age! YouTube NEEDS to clean up their act! They ban conservative accounts but allow trash to be aired! It also showed it was pg13 before I signed in to my account! Once I signed it it showed it as age restricted!

  2. This was before Robert Downey Jr. was riding on the 'Lolita Express'…. amung the other 30 A-list celebrities. He wasn't on Epstein's V.I.P. list though …..

  3. Funny how colleges offering to pay players is often portrayed as evil, when in reality the NCAA pockets 100% of the billions generated by the players. The NCAA is what’s evil by employing a slave labor system where players devote years of their life, risk serious injury (including irreversible brain damage) for the chance to play in the NFL. Only about 300 players get drafted, of those many dont make the team, and of the players that make the team, the average NFL careers is 2 seasons…so having a decent NFL career is basically winning the lottery

  4. My friends think I'm weird because I'm obsessed with 80's movies , they just don't understand they're different than the movies they come out with today…I'm 15 btw.

  5. Makes perfect sense. Go to State get a full scolarship for $20k per semester, make the college millions in merchandise, endorsments, advertising. Oh the best part risk getting injured before the pros and never making the millions for your self but the diploma/education you could have bought with the millions you turned down certainly was worth the risk. #JohnyBGood


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