Here is the stunning channel, SurajFineArts, that impressed me to make this video

There are a number of different movies on youtube of this type of portray however over christmas break I used to be discovering myself throwing this channel on and completely passing the fuck out to it as a result of it was so r e l a x i n g. I additionally take pleasure in individuals who make content material that makes one thing that appears a bit of scary (like making artwork ((DONT LAUGH AT ME ART PEOPLE OKAY YALL WOULD BE SCARED IF I CLOMPED NEXT TO YOU AT 6’11 AND BOWLED YOU UNDER THE TABLE)) appear so accessible to individuals like me who’ve completely no concept what they’re doing or how or the place to begin. Trying new issues is basically enjoyable and fulfilling (as you too can see I HAVE BEGUN GROWING THE HOUSEPLANTS, sometime perhaps I’ll provide you with a plant tour, let me know after you remark “hang it this way” if you would like to see that sometime perhaps after their rising season within the spring/summer season once they get all luscious and delightful.). Anyways, it is pleasurable typically to simply do 32 12 months outdated girl issues, I recognize you guys encouraging me to color and do artwork despite the fact that I’m a bit of virgo-y at occasions, a bit of an excessive amount of at occasions, and rather less than assured at occasions. It means rather a lot. I’m going to maintain attempting and perhaps sometime I’ll be an artwork individual with artwork issues surrounded by artwork a lot artwork I can not even perform I’m simply swimming in artwork okay I’ve to go Kermit is screaming at me as a result of he needs to sit down in my lap considered one of my vegetation is known as Bjork okay bye.

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  1. All of these videos are just Jenna hating everything she does, and Julien effortlessly succeeding while they cheer each other on 😂
    This is the quality content I signed up for

  2. I love how supportive they are of each other! It was like each of them were so excited by what the other was doing and they were always positive and never negative. I LOVE LOVEEEEE


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