This video showcases a number of the outfits that I’ve utilized in my Red Dead Redemption 2 “Cinematic Style” movies. I’ve obtained a ton of requests concerning what items of Clothes I mix, so I made a decision to make a enjoyable little video showcasing them. If you loved such a video, depart a like and a remark and I’ll undoubtedly proceed sharing outfits in this sort of format.

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    Thanks again for all of the support ya'll! I'm improving equipment every chance I get, so expect better quality commentary soon!

    1:32 – American Venom "Lone Wolf" Outfit

    5:28 – One Last Ride "Mad Dog Morgan" Outfit

    7:49 – "Avenging Outlaw" Outfit

    9:10 – "Unforgiven / Django 1966" Outfit

  2. These are the best outfits I’ve seen in any gameplay of rdr2. Amazing work and I hope you don’t mind if I take inspiration from these. They’re honestly sick

  3. I love these outfits, but how did you get that vest for Mad Dog Morgan? Doesn't it require the legendary cougar, which is in New Austin? The only wat I can think of getting it for Arthur is with a cheat code

  4. Anyone know any tips for navigating around the map without using a radar , I personally like to play with the radar off cause I feel that I’m always looking at it rather than looking at the road , kinda like when your watching a movie with subtitles on , it’s kinda distracting cause your always looking at the words , I tried using the compass instead of the radar but it’s really hard to see the directions on the compass cause the letters are really small and dark. So yea any tips ? Anyone else like to play with radar off ?


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