Spring possibly cancelled however listed here are some lounge put on garments for working from dwelling.

I got here up with some cute spring outfit concepts. I like being snug so these lounge put on garments are excellent for sitting on the desk within the workplace or the home. I like carrying lounge put on garments however these outfits are for working from dwelling. And they’re nice if you’re on the lookout for some spring inspiration.


  1. This is perfect timing as I've been feeling although I'm home, I want to be cute AND comfortable but not looking like pajamas! I like the Spongebob shirt, I like tees that are square shape and this one sits perfectly below the belly. My Favorite outfit was the acid wash jeans and the moon shirt & the mint cami/pastel pink flowy pants 💜

  2. Comfortable clothes are a huge deal for me when working from. I especially need comfy pants so yes girl I hear where you’re coming from lol. But yes you’ve got some great ideas.

  3. Love the editing! I am so into loungewear and I don't care if I am working from home or going out hahah 🙂 I just ordered bunch of things and will maybe film something like this as well 🙂 loved your outfits! <3

  4. Sponge bob 😃 cute clothes girl looks super comfy to which is always the best way to go! I love moons too I want those earrings 😍 thanks for sharing 🙂


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