This investigative documentary seems to be behind the shiny facade of luxurious fashion. Shot with a hidden digital camera, it exhibits the brutal circumstances in Chinese fur farms, and the way migrants are exploited in Italian tanneries.

Fine handmade luggage from Gucci, Prada and Max Mara in the shows of luxurious fashion boutiques are objects of passionate want. Luxury labels generate over 70 % of their turnover with leather-based merchandise. But hardly anybody is aware of the actuality of their manufacturing. The main fashion manufacturers adjust to a contemporary code of conduct that additionally applies to its direct suppliers. But who controls the subcontractors? The movie seems to be behind the lovely shows at the place the uncooked materials comes from: tanneries in Italy, the place migrants produce the leather-based for luxurious purses below depressing and unsafe working circumstances; and behind the scenes in China’s fur animal business, the place the animals are stored below catastrophic hygienic circumstances and earlier than being cruelly slaughtered.

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  1. A Italia é tão corrupta quanto o Brasil, jamais moraria aí (assim como tenho vontade de sair do Brasil, só tenho esperanças na Australia e NZL). Daí, no máximo, aproveito a dieta do meditarrâneo e um passeio pela Costa Amalfitana. Depois dteste DW nunca mais comparei nada de couro ou de marcas famosas.

  2. 200yuan a day, almost 6000yuan a month and you say it’s not even minimum wage in China? Minimum wage is 2000yuan a month. The job is exhausting for them but they earn quite descent money from it.

  3. people buy these bags for 750- 8000 € and more… that is really "money making" and has nothing to do with sustainability or quality…

  4. Powerful journalism. Thank you. And so, I ponder against how the “civilized” continue their savagery, with billions of cash to show for it. I ask myself once again, “What is the most destructive force to hit the entire world…or…PLANET???” Hmmm??? Any thoughts??? Leave them below:

  5. Sadly Peta is a profitable organization and can't be trusted. This doc was going well.for me until i saw peta represented. They out to do an undercover story on Peta.

  6. Alfoso Guerra seems like a devil's assistant and needs a proper scrub in the bathtub flippen savage!Exploitation is very rife and as we consumers pity we still support the very same high-end brands!

  7. we are destroying this planet. and everything for money 🙁 I'm from a country in East Europe and there are a few factories here that produce clothes for high brands. the people working in the factories are paid below the minimum wage and they are afraid to speak because they might loose their jobs. Imagine having to live with 150 euros.

  8. This is no surprise. We all know that rich people do not care about the poor. The poor cows I hope they at least did something positive with the rest of the cow. 😊❤️🙏🏻


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