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Madonna has had loads of roles in her life, however it’s her function as a mom that she takes probably the most significantly. After all, with six youngsters it’s protected to say that she’s bought her palms full always. But on the similar time, she does her greatest to give everybody the person consideration that they need whereas additionally ensuring that they’re protected, sound, wholesome and comfortable. What’s extra, Madonna is aware of the worth of a superb, high quality schooling. She additionally has strict guidelines and tips that her kids are anticipated to obey always.
Learn extra about the kids of Madonna.

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  1. For god sake it,s half brother not step brother! A step brother ,you get through marrying a partner who also has children, but if your mother marries a different man and get,s pregnant that will be a half brother or sister.I just keep hearing people using this to describe a half sibling! I can assure you I don,t love my step brother and sister but I do love my half brother.

  2. Rocco isn’t Lourdes’ step brother…he’s her half-brother. 🤦‍♀️ and I thought Madonna only had 3 kids. When did she adopt all these other kids? I guess I haven’t been paying attention. I think it’s very sweet that she gave these kids homes and love. It’s very nice. Say what you will about Madonna but she does have a big heart.

  3. Never liked Madonna probably because I never listened to her song nor grew up in her generation, but right now after watching this, I've now fallen in love with her. As an African myself, this really speaks to my soul because honestly speaking even wealthy Africans don't do this as there is a "stigma" around adopting kids. Thanks Madonna.

  4. Sure madonna did all that. But what about her own kids? Her son is suffering. She cares more about other people's children than her own blood. Signs of narcissism

  5. Victoria Beckham ,has been many things ,but never ever a super model, ha ha ha lol, she way to small( short) you mean she makes their clothes and does not eat !!!!


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