For directions on making P.T. Barnum’s costume, watch from :50 – 3:23
For Zendaya’s ahemdjhdb I MEAN Anne Wheeler’s costume: 3:24 – 7:06
For my quarter-life disaster, watch from 7:10 – 9:14
For The Bearded Lady, watch from 9:14 – the top.

Instagram: micarahtewers

P.s. Don’t hate me for not loving The Greatest Showman


  1. Can you make a challenge where you try to make a character or something else in dress form.

    [ex: a marvel chlaracter (iron man, spider man, wonder woman etc), a dc character (batman, joker etc), an application (facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, instagram) etc]

    So the challenge is that you make a dress (it doesn't need to be a dress) that reminds everyone of what it is supposed to be from the colours and the design. I WOULD LOVE to see something like that. Plus, it is quite original

  2. Idek how I found your account but I’m so glad I did lol😂 After you pulled out your glue gun and were like now I gotta think about how dedicated I am to this costume, it cut to a commercial and not gonna like it was the most suspenseful thing I’ve ever seen… Also how much do your costumes usually cost?? I’m super broke but I love making costumes. Sadly I only get to do it like once a year for Halloween rip

  3. "You want to go to Wallmart and just want to fit in" 😂😂😂😂
    How long is a year old alligator?
    That pink hair looked great on you by the way.☺

  4. The preatiest dress from the whole movie was anne's eavning dress and i was so disapointed you did not make it but it is ok
    And just wonted to say that you are so good at sowing all of this


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