The ‘Big Ole Freak’ Megan Thee Stallion along with her 1st Fire In The Booth.

This Fire In The Booth is an authentic freestyle rap platform on The Charlie Sloth Rap Show from Apple Music’s Beats 1 Studio in Los Angeles, US.

It’s very completely different now.


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  1. Bitch I look good than a muhfucker
    I be with niggas that’s hood than a muhfucker
    We will come ride in this bitch and tear it up
    I’m from a city where niggas ain’t sharin' nun
    I had to figure shit out on my own
    Mama out workin, my Daddy ain’t home
    Don’t listen to shit because bitch I been grown
    I got a temper so hoe watch your tone
    He tryna dog me but I got the bone
    Don’t got the money? Don’t pick up the phone
    He can talk down, he can say what he want
    He was just mad he ain’t get what he want
    Hoes love to try cos they think that I won’t
    Bitch I will run through your shit like a cone
    Bitch I’m mad, ain't get what I want
    I’m lookin' for somebody take it out on
    You wanna talk or you wanna get to it?
    Cos when it come down to who 'bout it, I’m fluent
    Bitch you was hatin' on me and I knew it
    A hoe wanna give me some beef, I chew it
    Giving these rappers the business, I’m suited
    These bitches look better than me when they muted
    Tellin these niggas that you got that water
    But you ain’t gon' tell 'em your shit is polluted, urgh

  2. On my grandads ashes I’ve never heard something so shit in my life. How these dyslexic women get to this stage I’ll never know 😂

  3. Charlie's got me DEEEEAAAADDD 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂
    2.05 she says pussy so wet you have to eat it with a spoon . . My man come with the PERFECT !!!! HAHAHAHA IM DEAD 😂😂😂


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