MEN Say ALL WOMEN HAVE A HIGH SEX DRIVE..So Women SHOULD Have Multiple Boyfriends/Husbands

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  1. I literally have to catch up on the new videos 😀😃😊. These the type of topics men feel the need to debate women on. I most certainly agree with you. A lot of women out here do have a moderate to low sex drive. We get our periods which is uncomfortable and we cramp. So these men need to go some where with their b.s.

  2. but none of these dudes are explaining why they have a problem with a woman having multiple husbands there just talkin about the nature of a woman and how her more emotional but what does that have to do with you meaning them. Exactly how is that affecting you that's her problem

  3. Because women are supposed to only have sex with a man they in luv with.meaning she supposed to pick 1 guy at a time.every man wants to know their future wife is in luv or in very high like for him wich includes sex hot and heavy early.its assumed today that u all or majority are having a lot of sex all over the place but secretly or on the low untill the 1.every man will discern women for if he the man above all.every woman has the right to do what she want and men think u all r but just maybe not with him personally.dont suppress u.or not.its up to u.if the man is the head of a polygamy situation we can all agree all the women involved agree with the arrangement or they all really really really like that guy lol and therefor will sacrifice of herself and needs and make things get along.its not for understand everything.we understand yall have options.but u opt for the guy u really want.what we do is only deal with women who can fit our program.thats how men divide their time between women.we juggle women but lose many do to time and its ok she could go.she was not his girl and ultimately would bring him more hell than joy trying to keep up with her.if women can tell a man all that he can hit the 🚪 as well and we play that power and leverage in all relationships.its how bad do u want him at end of the day because women carry the relationship.he there for sex and the companionship and growth if he can trust u.if u got other men on the brain he probably gonna play u 2 be with them then.i guess if he alpha.beta i guess he trying to get u back or win u over cause he doesn't have any other options himself.or just do enuff string u along to keep the coochie around and whatever perks but when u not around be searching and entertaining other deals that r better or luv all women.for sex 1st and foremost but also to be liked back and be in favor with mostly all women and especially the 1s he really like or want on his program.its women who r picky and will only in general spend time with a certain man of your liking.thats clear or men wouldnt complain about the girl they not getting or the sex they not getting from 9 and 10s and a variety of races shapes and sizes.for any man no matter his looks status money or anything if he doesnt have the woman he wants no loving relationship will work cause he is ultimately its men that must have a woman that he couldn't get, a woman that is on a level higher than him in education and looks etc..u must be a prize to him imparticular.the best chick he could get alltime available to him at the time yall meet and for u to like him back and get on his or yall new found program yall working everyday together for him to say ok im not entertaining anymore women the buck stops here plus i dont want any other man to have u and he marry u immediately.womens problem and issues be she think she got the choice and really all she can really get is the dick.y because he dont like her like that.meaning he can do better no matter what u say or think its how he feels.he dont need a womans beauty if yall cant get along.this y women try to shame men and hit their self esteem because its really up to him if yall gonna work out based on who u r representing to him in his time.alpha men r not on womens time unless he want u for a length of time and under a certain want to work ,work out and work on coochie and sleep and repeat.maybe with a new partner next time.thats a full day to a seems any woman complaining bout men seem to be trying to hold onto a man they might could lose or discover they dont truly have with each piece of new information they get about men life and relationship.everybody should know they not the next person and every relationship is what 2 people who in it make it customized for just yall.the next 2 peoples thing will be theres, no need to compare or judge wont ever add up cause people switch up at different times for people they want.every man gonna look for that 🔑 in his supposed woman wife and only give they ❤ once.just some thoughts in my humble opinion.


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