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trends come and go however some traits keep related longer than they need to. Today we go over the particular traits that ought to not keep on until 2020. Watch the video and let’s discuss why these traits must go away asap! I hope you guys benefit from the video!

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  1. I don't get this video…. Like, fashion goes in circles and there is nothing you can do about it….. The 80s and 90s are coming back and many other things from the past… I don't know where's the problems 🤨🤨

  2. Yes what a look so mood style. I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work on the video. Now I have to get ready to hit the club again both this video in style and then Delta Parole – Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this again since every night out I rock out to it first goes stunnin smooth, motivated me to be the man tonight. What are any of you other beautiful peoples hit the club songs?

  3. Before this vid, I was so going to wear my distressed long line t-shirt with my distressed baggy boxers, with my distressed jeans, and my distressed leather shoes!

    Thank God, for Jim Sterling.

  4. God, don't you straight boys ever get tired of trying to look manly? Who tf cares if tiny sunglasses don't look manly. Neither do your skinny jeans or tight bowling shirts. You're so scared of looking feminine cuz you probably hate women

  5. I tried ur clay like its my friend orderd but i told him to order the forte clay
    The result me and my friend get is insane the hold is amazing and the performance of long lasting is damn good

  6. – If you want to be socially accepted and not rejected, dress like this guy.

    – If you're in the world of fashion, dressing Trendy, would be considered lack of creativity, without expression and personality.

    – If you're 'different' (authentic) more as a hippie or whatever it is, Just express yourself if that is what would make you mentally stable. And make part of a hippie community, so you can be accepted.

    – If you're on a Business world, or want to give a good impression, wear a Proper Suit, and Smile.

    Now make your decision, don't guide your life based on another man idea, you'll loose yourself and eventually you'll die.

  7. I am not sure about leather shoes and jeans. That combination is nothing new , in fact it’s a classic.
    Also, what better casual pants with leather shows than the right style jeans.

  8. I listen to his accent and thought “Or he’s Brazilian or Portuguese” and I felt so glad to know he’s from my land! Yeaaah! A Brazilian man talking about fashion is a dream. There’s so much prejudice and sexism in our country. Continue, cara!!!

  9. Your fashion doesn't work in every state, LA is the place where nobody judges because of political correctness, in reality, your style rarely fits anywhere else.


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