Nova Oasis

Mini silicone Chloe bought her first actual garments and shes tremendous excited! Please like share and subscribe! xoxo

Nova Oasis


  1. Hello. I have a ten on inch baby, not silicone though. I have ordered from Miss Ronda and she is wonderful to work with and so easy to talk to. Love her stuff. Always fits great. Your Chloe is darling.

  2. The Calico Critters are adorable! It’s cold here in Maine to and we got 7 inches of snow today! Actually the boppy fits her perfectly. The clothes are darling and will look beautiful on her! What size is Chloe?

  3. Awe shes so sweet n i have the critters for my grandkids but idk if you have ever heard of Mercari but. They have lots of critters the people sale n also were i got my reborn dolls you can get some good deals but im glad youre feeling better n loving your channel

  4. Hi Nicole. Aww, I so love how you have them set up. So very cute. Chloe is such a sweet baby. I think the boppy is just the right size for her. Ohh, I have heard of them. You will have to let us know how you like doing it. OMG!! I love the mini clothes you got for Chloe. The red outfit is so darn cute. She looks so sweet in her sleeper. Thanks for sharing. Take care.


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