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🔥MINIMALIST REACTS | Cosmopolitan Spring/Summer fashion trends 2019 | OH HECK, ANY PRACTICAL STYLE?🔥
This month I will likely be bringing you excursions and discussions about my entire wardrobe, together with Clothes, footwear and luggage. I may even be posting about my wardrobe decisions, how I really feel about particular person objects, and the way I take advantage of them.

Today, as at all times, I’m supplying you with my suggestions and hacks for life-style, dwelling and wardrobe minimalism. Here are some issues to contemplate in case you are seeking to stay a lighter and extra minimalist life. If you wish to declutter, downsize and simplify your wardrobe, dwelling, life, you have come to the proper place! Less is at all times extra.

Today I react to COSMOPOLITAN predictions for high traits in 2019. I offer you my response, from a minimalist perspective. How many of those traits are sensible and have longevity? Some of the traits I will likely be embrace animal prints, bike shorts, neon, fringing, and lots of extra!

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  1. One good thing about tie dye is that you could do it yourself, without necessarily buying something new. Try it on something you already own. Maybe even research veggie based dyes. I have an uncomfortable relationship with pattern so I won't be trying this myself

  2. Favourite trends: crochet, tye-dye (also a 90's girl). I don't understand cycling shorts, neon and colour blocking. I just imagined someone dressed on those three trends together and it takes me back another decade. And boy, we don't want some of these bits from the 80's. I'll keep only my crazy hair as a reminder of being born in 82! I love your commentary, you're so funny 🙂

  3. I'm pretty much fine with all of these except for bucket hats lol. I don't think neon suits me personally, but I think it suits some skin tones.

    I like colors a lot. If you want to do a color block look but don't want to invest in color block pieces, you can always wear colored separates, or one brighter colored item paired with a black item.

  4. Oh no, I think I'm in trouble. I watch your videos for good tips to find out what I should get rid of but now I see what I should keep. I love all those trends (except snake pattern) , but I don't need to go shopping since I have everything already. That's what happens with an over-stocked wardrobe – eventually it all comes back around again.

  5. Styles that are slimming:
    Medium to dark colors
    Shades of the same color, such as blue on blue
    Small prints
    Narrow vertical stripes
    Monochromatic outfits of the same color
    Dropped shoulder
    Shoulder without gathers
    V neck
    Scoop neck
    No lapel
    Narrow lapel
    Long, narrow necklace
    Long, narrow scarf
    Narrow lace and ruffles
    Narrow belt
    Long blouse, skirt or pants
    Loose clothes
    Combinations of the above

    Styles that enlarge and widen a figure:
    Light colors
    Bright colors
    Large prints
    Wide stripes
    Horizontal designs
    Wide shoulders
    Wide sleeves
    Wide lapels
    Double-breasted buttons
    Large and multiple ruffles
    Wide belt
    Short blouse, skirt or pants
    Layered patterns, such as a wrap blouse or dress
    Bulky accessories at the hips, such as a large purse
    Tight clothes
    Combinations of the above

    Hope this helps. There are probably plenty more.

  6. Tight clothes are extremely uncomfortable. They reveal everything. Once you sit down, you end up wearing horizontal stripes across your abdomen plus a bulging behind for the rest of the day. Horizontal designs widen a figure. Not at all forgiving in any way.

  7. Fringe is hysterical fashion. Fur, feathers, fringe, ruffles and pleats are high maintenance. The second you sit down, the back of your garment is ruined. Oh no! Large sleeves are crushed beneath a sweater or coat.

  8. As long as tie dye is not every color of the rainbow. Maybe pink and green, bluegreen, pink and purple. In general, these seem to be the most enduring color schemes.

  9. I love yellow, but the trick is to find the right tone of said color to make it work with your skin, undertone and contrast. Yes, I've been reading about seasonal color analysis hahaha for me, mustard and marigold are the best

  10. Love tie dye, and yellow can work, refer to Color Me Beautiful color wheels for each 'season'. Accurate to a T, if you correctly diagnose what season you are. Hint: has nothing to do with the color from a box hair….

  11. @asmallwardrobe Since I've discovered your channel last year, I minimized my Youtube as well, by stopping watching aaaaall the others. Love from Paris, Comedie says hi to Gary Jeffrey.

  12. Enjoyed hearing your opinions on these trends. Great content as usual. I'm with you on most of your comments but you know I never get 'animal prints' no matter how often they come back as a trend. I don't want to look like I'm wearing any animal's pelt…a form of appropriation against the animal world (seriously!) and it makes us look like game hunters!!! I guess I've been out of style for decades..Huh! Thought they looked cute on the Flintstones though!

  13. I feel like we’ve had a reasonably good run of kind of ok, more classic fashion so we’re due some truly unwearable and hideous trends so they’ve hit the mark. Things like fluros are just silly because they’re so obviously only going to be popular for about 3.5 weeks, and they won’t go with anything else in your wardrobe and you’ll never wear it again

    In my opinion a good way to incorporate the brighter colour trends could be to just go with a bright/fluro lipstick on an otherwise neutral look


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