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Products used or worn:
Gold Hoops:

Black jean shorts:
Reformation gentle wash shorts:

Cropped tank tops:
Strapless bodysuit:
Knit crop prime:
White Blouse:
Black Satin prime: (VERY comparable)
Zara bodysuit:
Square neck tank tops:

Denim dress- offered out 🙁
Zara buttoned costume:
Spaghetti strap costume:


LYFT Code: DAPHNE493399

UBER Code: daphned48
I exploit affiliate hyperlinks for some merchandise within the description field! This is each a straightforward method for me to trace what merchandise you get pleasure from, and in addition retains all previous merchandise I’ve utilized in one place. I do earn a (very) small fee from this relying on the product. All merchandise both used or beneficial to you might be merchandise I actually get pleasure from and consider in.
Xx D

Nova Oasis


  1. you don't have to apologize for your apartment setup! i actually like that you don't make a huge deal out of it. makes your videos more genuine/chill 🙂

  2. Hi Daphne! Love the slip dress on you, very glamorous. Adore your cool girl summer style with jean shorts and tops in countless ways. Thanks for sharing the tip with nude shoes! x 😉

  3. Hi!

    If I were You, I would cool down exercise, to recovery.
    And eat and rest.
    Because, in this, and last thuesday -video, You seem, to me, more tired, than usuall.

    The way of recovery is beneficial;
    brains needs recovery;
    muscles build up in recovery;
    and muscles are builded by eating.

    I don't know is this any help at all.
    O' and try to remember to try to stay hydrated!
    The summer seems to be on it's way.

  4. Wow you look second to none, amazing clothes and style Daphne. 🙂 Do you own liquid (pleather) leggings? Can you show me how to style / wear out for girls nights out and party looks 🙂 Can crop tops work?

  5. I loved this video! Your style is so cool and cleaned down. I wish you would make more! At least 1x in a season. Maybe a gym wear or night out haul next?

  6. Not that u asked 😛 lol but usually ice is best for an injury immediately to a few hrs after u actually strained it (makes blood vessels narrow so injury doesn't swell and get tons of fluid). Or if u have chronic thing like tendinitis,v ppl ice it right after it gets aggravated. MILD heat is usually best day later or more to get it heal faster ♥️


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