Mortal Kombat 11 – Tag Team Confirmed, Noob Saibot Gear Revealed and More! More info is beginning to floor from Game Informers protection of MK11 together with the affirmation of Tag Team and a have a look at some Noob Saibot Epic Gear!

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Mortal Kombat is again and higher than ever within the subsequent evolution of the enduring franchise.

The all new custom Character Variations offer you unprecedented management to customise the fighters and make them your personal. The new graphics engine showcasing each cranium-shattering, eye-popping second, brings you so near the combat you possibly can really feel it. And that includes a roster of recent and returning Klassic Fighters, Mortal Kombat’s finest in school cinematic story mode continues the epic saga over 25 years within the making.

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  1. Cetrion will be used for Injustice 3 dlc, NRS had to find a way to introduce her to the MK community and universe so they chose MK 11 to do so. She was made for the injustice universe she fits so perfectly.

  2. This is dope!! I Would love for you to react to my Real Life Mortal Kombat video if you get a minute!!! I think you'll definitely enjoy it!! 😀 I cosplayed Noob Saibot and spent a TON of time on the VFX!

  3. I like the fact that it's locked variations online as you do get people that will abuse the creating and using their own variations i think it evens things out for casual players and pro players, seems like NR are finally listening to the old school players for once

  4. If I can't use custom variations in ranked then I'm just not going to play ranked and I'm sure alot of other people will do the same so maybe NRS will give in and allow them in ranked

  5. The noob saibot custom outfit looks sick!Can’t wait to see what I can do with that.It will be interesting to have another family in Mortal Kombat 11,especially one this powerful.

    Still hoping Milena makes it into somehow but I’m expecting Kitana to take her place.Can’t wait for the final game!

  6. My only complaint with the game is that it seems some of the developers were leagues better than others. Whoever did and worked on subzero for example, aren't as good as who worked on noob. From the moves to costumes some characters seem to be better developed. Jackie,Johnny, cassie,kano suck compared to Kotal,Scorpion, Jax. Centrion is garbage also. She don't even look like she belongs. Looks like injustice character.

  7. I just want the Kitana gameplay for tmr or next week like they absolutely violated Kitana 💙💙she should have been one of the first to be revealed

  8. I enjoy two vs two in mk9 glad it's back also question will the gear system be like injustice where u customize everything and have shaders or will it be like in the beta u can only change colors and full character designs with chosen styles and color combos netherealm chooses?


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