Kody sees the plans for his one big polygamist home and loves them, however will his wives? Just weeks away from leaving their properties in Las Vegas, tensions run excessive. Robyn presses Kody to quiet down and Gabe walks out.


  1. I just think Christine is so real, so strong and so beautiful! Love her. Meri is a damn crybaby. Everything is wah…wah…wah… her mouth is stuck down in a sad face! Janelle is just happy and there and not about drama! Robyn …. manipulative b!tch who played the adoption card so she could marry Kody! She was wayyyyyy too happy when they tied the knot. Happier than when they did their spiritual marriage.
    And how the hell are you going to have 1hour & 23min. Episodes then cut it down to 42 minutes. Quit dragging it out!


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