MY 10 ITEM WARDROBE 2019 + outfit Ideas


Hey boo’s!!! hope you loved todays video! one thing a lil totally different so I’d like to know what you considered it!!!
Thank you a lot for watching and supporting my channel, I recognize it so a lot! LOVE YOU MY BESTIES XOXO


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  1. Disappointed when I saw you're charging £15 postage on Depop to Ireland, I'm in Ireland and it doesn't cost that much to post between Ireland and the UK

  2. Hi busybeecarys! I love your channel! ❤️
    I was hoping you could make a video on a specific clothing subject, wearing belts with jeans. I know from some videos I saw you wear belts often, but it would be nice to see All the belts you own in one video worn with different pairs of jeans, this could be the perfect new video you could make 😊

    I myself need to wear belts with my jeans again, and it’s nice to see outfits with belts for ideas and also which kind of belts to wear with different jeans like boyfriend, skinny, low rise, bootcut, I assume belts might need to be different widths? Im thinking of buying basic black and brown belts with silver buckles, I’m not into fancy designer belts usually.

    I hope you can make this video and have fun with it, us belt girls need to stick together ☺️

  3. I think the concept is called a capsule wardrobe Carys, where you have a few items that are staples. I think a lot of minimalists have these. Loved the video!

  4. Love this video as always
    😘Nice thumbNail thO😘
    You Beautiful sexy asf
    Makeup look Good
    Damn u thicK WitH iT😁👀👅👅
    Hope u Enjoying ur Bless ProduCtive WeeK

  5. Hey girl, I just wanted to say that absolutely LIVE for your self-love talks. If you were to ever write a book or heck even a little self pocket book, I would devour it!! You are amazing in every fricken way!❤️❤️❤️

  6. Great idea. I think I might do an year with thirty items including footwear. As I was writing that, I wanted to increase that to forty or fifty.


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