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This is an off-the-cuff chat the place I reply YOUR questions from YouTube and Instagram: my life motto, stereotypes about Parisian ladies, what my hair care routine seems like, and many others.

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  1. Just in I always love your videos but this is particularly useful. I concur with the rowing too. If someone doesn't live close to a Rowing Club then a machine will suffice, mine is great😊

  2. There are a lot of rowing clubs in Berlin! Many of them are around the Havel though, so maybe not particularly close to where you live.

  3. Three things: LOVE your hair and tips. I am a fellow "longhair" (to my waist) and love it. I find it is easier to take care of than other styles. #2-LOVE your red nails and you inspired me to get gel nails today, in red! THey look wonderful! #3 – We have the same sewing book! I love the Readers digest book because it is so clear and thorough. I would also recommend Claire Shaeffer because her books teach haute couture methods and she has years of experience. I am self-taught when it comes to sewing; I have been sewing since I was a girl, and both of those books helped me to educate myself. Keep up the great work with the videos, I really enjoy them and you are wonderful to listen to and watch!

  4. Justine: Thanks so much for the great videos—very helpful. I wonder if you can do a video on the rationale (or frivolity) of certain fashion do’s and don’t’s (e.g., not combining brown and black or not using stark white during a certain time of year. This would be great! Thank you for considering.

  5. Thank you! I just ordered the book, I've been looking for that. I got an old Singer from my mother in law, all metal, that can sew over anything. Thank you Justine, lovely and informative as always.

  6. It sounds like you don't know about Long Tall Sally! Do you? Now I'm not you of course but I will say that I am 5'9" al ways having difficulty with shirts being long enough. LTS is great! I have a referall code too. ! Love your videos. Im not trying to spam your page and I don't work for them. Just another girl sharing the tall long torso struggle.

  7. What you said about your life's motto was actually very inspiring! Responsibility yet opportunity – love it!

    I watch quite a few of your videos – you were my inspiration to really think about my sense of style and look to buying a few quality items that I wear repeatedly but they will last me ages. Your Capsule Wardrobe video really made me declutter my wardrobe as well… a much needed chore that feels now it's done but I don't think I come under the minimalist category 😛

    Love your videos 🙂

  8. Hi Justine! I love you, and your videos. A video on eyebrows that went like your sunglasses shape would be amazing! Not interested in trends, more what would be harmonious with face shape. 🙂

  9. At 5ft9 175cm, i have a short curvy torso, firm shoulders and long Sporty limbs. I love thrift jeans & jacket. BUT I had a jacket bespoke/custom made because I got fed up with nothing that fitting me. love the Q&A Fave Style Influencer

  10. นี่หรอชาวตะวันตกประเทศที่มีอารยธรรมที่มาบุกประเทศไทยเป็นไงตอนนี้บ้านเมืองมึงโดนเผาเเน่จริงตอนนี้มาบุกบ้านกูดิประยุทธ์ไม่ปล่อยมึงเเน่

  11. Justine, I'm so sorry about Notre Dame des Paris. Our 9-11 cost us dearly in lives but the building was just a handsome commercial building, I think. NDdP was so much more.

  12. What do you do if you're doing the best you can? What if your hair isn't what it used to be (not as thick, getting grays, getting grays that are unruly, change in texture). Sometimes, no matter how gentle you are and what products you use, your hair just isn't what you want it to be. It can make you really sad.

  13. at the risk of insulting people, i think 'good taste' (as opposed to actual limits, which don't exist, it's all in our heads) with crop tops is 1) better if your bra doesn't show, so you might need extra support if very saggy and 2) rolls of fat don't look good when you're older, they age, odd, but young fat is perky, old is saggy, so it's best to cover up more than one roll of fat – i think one is fine – if you're wearing a crop top and over thirty. But that's my taste. PS i work in a supermarket, so i see a lot of older people bending over their trolleys to get their goods out, and the number of age seventy men's arses i've had to accidentally glimpse down their trousers is more than i'd like it to be. Aged and hairy, what can you say? But it's all in my head/taste, gotta admit it

  14. I wonder how many of us bought the Reader’s Digest ‘Complete Guide to Sewing’ after this video? Mine just arrived! (1976 edition because the reviews I read suggested that was the most comprehensive.) Thanks for the tip, Justine!

  15. Not a question-just thinking of you and the notre dome :Our hearts are with you! It was heart breaking to see the pictures. Thank goodness so much thought had been put to how to respond to this 160yrs ago when it was last struck by such tragedy. Trees are ready to rebuild (and amazingly, all the statues had just been removed last week for remodeling). We know how it feels to loose such iconic buildings. But it is not lost forever and it will remain the beautiful icon of France and place of awe and worship for people, the world over, to come and connect with (or re-connect. Thinking of you all as you process and mourn and re-build!

  16. You have a very pleasant personality. I’ve just found you a couple of days ago and I’m fascinated with your channel. Thank you for all the advice in fashion, etc…. merci beaucoup!


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