What to know what this Pandora lover received from her family members for Christmas? Check out my video to see what PANDORA presents I obtained this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Music – customized made by my s/o

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  1. I received 2 clips (one is something with pink and red hearts and the other one is full of pink CZs) 1 safety chain (the hanging Mickey one) 1 dangle (the dreamcatcher dangle) and 1 charm (Mickey and Minnie on a vintage car). I TOTALLY love them!

  2. For my birthday in November, I got the Mickey's 90th birthday charm and the rose gold package in honor of my golden birthday that was last year. My party had a pink/rose gold scheme. I also got the 2018 Holiday charm which was modeled after Radio City and the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Happy New Year Nichole! ✨🌸💕🦄

  3. Hi Nichol, congrats on your fireworks bracelet! Beautiful peachy hart charm! The Bleu heart is very beautiful! Such beautiful gifts!!
    XOXO ilona from MyPandoraMoments 💖💕

  4. Ps love your nails! Really pretty…but can only see the red… i rhink theres another darker color on some of those other fingers…will have to check more closely..maybe shows on the intro…!

  5. Great pandora gifts you recieved from your family and BF! I really like the dangles, the xmas one is really beautiful! And the by your side dangle is very sweet! Thank you for sharing it's always nice to see charms that i havent seen up close! The open hearts are interesting with the bead work! Can't wait to see them on your bracelet! You always do such nice videos!!

  6. You really received a lot of beautiful charms for Christmas! The dangle charm from your mom is especially beautiful AND meaningful! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate Christmas charms to wear during the year..I know that I would love to get more wear out of my Christmas charms then just around the holidays. Please also add me to the list of people anxiously awaiting the debut of your all white bracelet! The little peeks you’ve shared look lovely!


  7. I love all your videos but there’s something extra special about Christmas ones. My uncle surprised me with an adorable plush puppy that supports St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and hidden in its front paws was a box that held two pandora charms tigger from Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse sitting on a candy cane. I was so overcome it was such a sweet and special gift especially knowing that some of the money spent it going to help families at St Jude’s. The Mickey charm is my first ever Christmas charm and I was excited to be able to incorporate the holiday into the strictly Disney bracelet I’m trying to create

  8. Love your new additions and love the Christmas dangle 😍 I have it too, the inscription is so special! I also love how the ‘Always By Your Side’ charm is not a precise circle. It gives that homemade/handmade feel.

  9. i have a bracelet dedicated ro my boys so the cocoa charm is on there cause we always go to the dinner and have the cocoa and when i was pregnant with my son i would always have a cocoa after work at the dinner with some pancakes lol amd i also have the santa bear one because bears remind me of my boys and its christmas which is their favorite time of the year so it remind me of them ..thats my way of using christmas charms incorporated into my everyday bracelets

  10. I got Disney, Mickey and Minnie, Love charm for Christmas. I like your floating locket necklace, is it medium or large? I was disappointed the floating lockets weren't part of the sale.

  11. Great video!! Awesome gifts, I have a quick question for you if you ever see this I just was wondering if you had any tips on how to snap the Pandora to put it on. I have a new Pandora bracelet that I got a few days ago and I’m having some trouble on snapping it do you secure it to put on. Thanks so much

  12. Such a sweet video and beautiful generous gifts! I love how you highlight the details of each charm, and appreciate the wonderful aspects of each one! This is why you are the Pandora Queen! 👑

  13. Oh wow! You hit the Pandora Jackpot! Those are beautiful charms and that bangle is just gorgeous💎💎💎 I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these charms in your bracelets. I ordered the locket pendant that holds the petite charms that you have. Hubby told me to order that for my Christmas present of course I waited till pandora had that sale after Christmas.😀

  14. Nice gifts! I am still trying to put together my Mickey/Minnie theme so I got from my daughter's the sparkling bow Minnie ring. My husband surprised me with finding the shear perfection charm bc I cut my family's hair (I even groom my dog). I also got the Minnie cupcake from my sis. I got money from my mom and already spent it on three (two Ariel and one cinderella) new disney muranos that I need since I'm trying to collect them all.

  15. My fiancé got me a bunch of pandora off ruelala! He got me the purple crystal barrel clasp bracelet with tumbling hearts, petals of love, sparkle of love, the pink enamel heart, two tone bear hug, love is forever, two tone key to my heart, and some sparkly open bangle end caps! I’ve already ordered a two tone safety chain and clips to go with them lol

  16. Great gifts Nichol! 😍❤️ Love them all, so versatile to be creative with them 💕 I agree with what you said about using xmas charms year round and using the charms in other than xmas themes to blend them in and still enjoy them year round. I told my hubby the other day I think I’m going to keep my “xmas” bracelet as is and just add other charms to it as well. I put xmas in brackets because it’s not obvious xmas, no santa or red or green or xmas wording, that’s why I went with a not so obvious bracelet to be able to wear it year round. We pay so much for the charms and I don’t want to be limited to only wearing them max 3 months a year. Can’t wait to see your new designs! Tfs! Love and hugs for you and Presley 🤗🌸💝💕


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