The Grumpy Nerd returns for one more NBA 2k19 video. This time to present y’all how I make the custom uniforms and rebranded groups. This is a daily velocity, in-depth tutorial beginning with creating the graphics. Todays Creation : The Las Vegas Rattlers Expansion workforce.

PS4 username – blueyedsoul25

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PS4 username – blueyedsoul25

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  1. Is it possible to create a league of just the new teams you create? Or would I have to redesign each NBA team to create a whole new league? And it would be great if 2k21 had their team creation be online based just like NCAA football 14!!!!

  2. Can you please tell me if it’s possible to create a new floor for an nba stadium?
    For example if I wanted to create a different looking floor for the Lakers at staples centre?
    It seems like I have to create the entire arena instead of just inserting a created floor design into the actual arena?

  3. Here's my issue with 2k20. I created a team in myteam where the colors are yellow, green, and black (new neon touch of Seattle). I have my home jersey as a light green and my road jersey as black.

    On the black jersey I somehow got the accessories and tights to be green, but on the green jersey my accessories and tights are orange which is not one of my colors.

    Is there a way I can make those one of my team colors?

  4. Can someone help me? I'm playing 2k20 on my switch and Everytime I go to community uploads nothing appears. Is that a switch problem? Can you help me?

  5. i really wish you would go into detail how you use gimp to make these instead of just saying "i made this one for alternate this one for a home jersey" like how did you do it bro!


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