Check out my overview on the brand new 2019 Porsche 911 GT2 RS. What a high-performance beast!

So how do you enhance the Porsche GT lineup? Just add extra energy and scale back weight. The new 911 GT2 RS comes outfitted with the Weissach package deal in order to create a a lot lighter automobile. It features a light-weight carbon fiber/metallic development (lowering the automobile’s weight by round 66 kilos) and loads of visible enhancements.

Compared to a regular GT3 (which I have additionally reviewed in the previous), the Porsche GT2 simply appears to be like larger, presumably from all of the added flare. The pink and black Alcantara accents additionally make the general look of the automobile’s inside actually pop. You can inform that much more engineering went into the design of the GT2 RS.

The engine is a 3.eight liter flat 6 Twin Turbo with 700 horsepower and 500+ kilos of torque. Insane!

The wing on the Porsche GT2 can also be really wonderful, a lot nicer than the wing on the GT3.

The sticker worth of the 2019 Porsche 911 GT2 RS is $340,000, however you will be fortunate should you discover one beneath retail in the market!

Overall, the GT2 is a light-weight and highly effective pace machine! But why take my phrase for it? Watch me take it for a check drive and evaluate it to my Porsche GT3.

So what do you concentrate on the Porsche 911 GT2? Let me know in the feedback beneath.

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  1. No one will take you seriously when you say why-sock when it should be pronunced as vie-sock. And you said it twice! The Germans, and not even from Porsche, are laughing.

  2. The GT2 is a race car man. If you are seriously into driving and go to the track a couple times a month then it would be worth it to you. As a street machine there is no real way to get more out of it, especially considering the city in which you drive.

    Also, luxury vehicles are bad things to constantly trade in for new. You will be losing a chunk of money every time. Stick with your original. It suits your style and you will get everything you want out of it.

  3. Overpriced with $200k markup…. Porsche has sold themselves to speculators… wait a good downturn and the overextended morons will unload them… at a massive loss… checkout Dubai… these cars will collect dust …. abandoned

  4. Yes Eric, you must get your self the new GT2 RS. It's a monster with number plates!!! Happy new year my friend 🤗🤗🤗🤗🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🥂🥂

  5. The badge being painted on in reality is a gimmick. How much does a plastic badge weigh anyways😆 I get it if it was like a Rolls Royce massive full metal one. They’ve been doing the painted badge for years

  6. Eric please do not trade. The GT3 engine symphony alone is enough to keep that machine for life. The turbos in a flat 6 completely destroy the emotional experience. Not to mention the added cost for the upgrade. My best friend has a 997 T and it’s fast but sounds like shit


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