Lucy Hill (Renée Zellweger) is an formidable, up and coming govt dwelling in Miami. She loves her sneakers, she loves her automobiles and she or he loves climbing the company ladder. When she is obtainable a short lived task – in the course of nowhere – to restructure a producing plant, she accepts the chance, realizing an enormous promotion is shut at hand. What begins as a straight ahead job task turns into a life altering expertise as Lucy discovers higher which means in her life and extra unexpectedly, the person of her desires (Harry Connick, Jr.).


  1. Excellent movie. Funny and heartwarming!! Glad I got to see it!! I would ask for a "New In Town 2" but I know that would mean the cast will be in trouble again and I kind of like leaving it as they all live happily ever after!!

  2. Americans selling out America for profit & money to Communist China we finally get a President who stands up to them & America hates him!

  3. I thought we would never get to the'm 60 plus…I would so do that …Harry's sooooo cute….lol….😘 crow hunting …lol…I would like to see that a**…..buckshot or not

  4. Cute movie with a very predictable storyline as it has been done in countless other movies. Having said the aforementioned, I enjoyed the movie for the most part. I just feel that if you are going to make a movie with a storyline that has been done numerous times in the past, you need to step up the comedy or something to make it stand out against the others.


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