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  1. I think you should just stop telling everyone about every little purchase Lydia. Just keep some stuff to yourself like buying gifts for friends and purchasing cars. I think it just comes across as I've made a vlog today to show you my latest purchase rather than a vlog to show what you're upto in terms of work. I think that's what people are more interested in or otherwise it may as well just a be a reality TV show in version of a YouTube channel and that's tacky.

  2. 4:15 I cant … Seriously, it's a Prada bag (not incredible … everyone owns one these days) and she sat it right in the middle of them both for a camera shot. Yeah… that's icky. Lydia, please use some couth and class. I have no problem with nice things or others having them, however, it looks pretty absurd the way you parade around. It's just not classy. Otherwise, congrats on the new car! Love it.

  3. I love your sweater you're wearing at the 8:20 mark. Can I have name brand and price and possible website where you purchased it? The color is beautiful and thr red accent on the wrist really spruce up the sweater.

  4. She must be in debt. There is no way they can go from struggling as much as they did like 3 years ago to living the way they do now off blogger income. I mean Amiee Song isn't this rich and she's like top of the line attending fashion week. Idk their lifestyle is that of old money families who inherit wealth, not work for it. Something seems wrong. On the bright side, I was thinking of getting myself the dior bag with my Christmas bonus. Now Lydia has it I have no interest. She'll style a youthful, super cool, chic garment in the way my mother or aunts would wear it. I'm 20. My mums 54. Lydia is like 30. Dress your age babes please I'm begging.

  5. Such a show off your taste is not outstanding sorry Ur cat hair must b all over. Brand new couches and ur cats enjoying before you Get it together girl

  6. I use to enjoy your videos but honestly since the mouse in cat mouth I’m so grossed out ! You became very superficial it’s shame bc ur videos use to b fun to watch. I have a Bentley and woukd never go around telling ppl like u do. Relax calm down and enjoy what u have

  7. Dear Lydia, please don't worry about all the negative comments on your videos about you buying too much expensive stuff and being materialistic. That's such a bullshit! We all like pretty bags, expensive cars, ect. I personally watch your videos because I like to see this stuff and your experience opinion on luxurious things. It helps me a lot with my choice of bags and shoes and I discovered ByTerry because of your videos :)) . You do such a great content and you are very unique and positive. So, please, please, please don't ever change! There are people who just LOVE your channel the way it is now. You bring me smiles and joy every time I have my coffee brake and watch one of your videos. So happy New Year to you and you family and friends!

  8. I get why you get a lot of hate. It’s really not so much the shopping or luxury things but a combination of having a beautiful face, a gorgeous husband, etc. Why do I say this? Well, Lydia, your former friend does the same thing in her channel albeit more excessive but she gets kinder comments because I guess she is not good-looking like you are. Just being honest.🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. I’m confused why if so many ppl are so disgusted of her content, why they continue to watch and go the extra mile to comment. The title clearly states new handbag. If you don’t like all the “materialistic” stuff you don’t have to watch. She did not ask for our opinion, just stop watching. If her views or subscribers goes down she’ll adjust her content 🗣if she wants too!

  10. I love it when you make the videos cozy, this one felt a bit stressed. I hope you take the time to unwind and enjoy the holidays. love from Sweden

  11. Hi Lydia! loving all your video vlogs! thank you for all of your fashion, beauty and living tips, we share the same style! I am so excited to see what more you have to bring! ps. where are your earrings from?? there stunning !

  12. the description box tho : "NEW SOFAS, NEW CUSHIONS AND NEW HANDBAG" Offers her viewers a super expensive second hand designer bag because is uncomfortable Buys two cars

  13. I wish I could post you a video. For some reason my little dog, Cleo, was so interested in you unwrapping and showing your new CD bag. She literally sat in front of the TV, looking up, watching the whole thing. Do I need to get this for her for Christmas!? Maybe she will let me borrow it. Also, gorgeous new chairs and sofa. So lovely.

  14. Long time subscriber. After reading the comments idk what to say. Is her content different? Yes. But in a good way. She's grown, evolved, leveled up etc. No all the purchases aren't relatable but that's why we watch luxury youtubers. I'm not watching "forever 21 haul" and "Gardner White/ Art Van haul" I can get that myself. That's not inspiring. An Ashton Martin and Dior bag is goals. I watch Lydia because her success and possessions are goals and I'm inspired. I'm saving up for my first luxury bag because of her (dolce&gabbana Sicily) I've been hooked on this channel since the Balmain lipstick lookbook. This could be me one day. Keep it up Lydia.

  15. Ok so reading a lot of the comments over the last couple of videos…. what can I say. I agree with the comments in general. Lydia = super spendy, slightly narcissist, ££££ ? This isn’t how YouTube goes with 800k subs. I don’t understand, we’re all mystified. But really I’m happy with my lot, I haven’t got this money to spend so kind of enjoy watching her spend hers. That’s what YT is to me – escapism. it doesn’t bother me what she spends, it doesn’t affect any of us does it? I’m certainly not jealous. As long as she has a back up plan in place, none of us know what’s round the corner …. at least she’ll make lots of money selling it all. That’s not meant to sound negative either, just protect your assets. Thanks for the slightly addictive Christmas with the MGs 💸💸💸💸

  16. also LOVE the navy blue sofa and the colour of the formal living room! Navy and velvet is SO in right now. And just because the items you buy are more expensive, that does not make you more materialistic than someone buying loads of shit from target or Walmart. The items you buy are not mass produced like most items the average consumer buys and I know you focus on quality over quantity. Also, the designer items you buy are less likely to be just thrown in the trash like cheap items you could get at Zara or HM so the potential for reuse and recycling and helping the environment is much higher in my opinion. People have a sick twisted idea of what materialism is. You're no more materialistic than someone who spends every pay check shopping at HM or Zara. Material items are material items whether cheap or hand crafted and designer.

  17. im happy for you Lydia. Everyone harping on you for being to flamboyant on your luxury purchases.. literally are jealous they don't have it themselves. Truly happy and content people don't complain about other peoples lives especially when that other person, like yourself is succeeding. You can chose to put your money into the economy how ever which way you like. Its not hurting anyone, including the people who are complaining. You are one person in this vast universe and they are chosing to spend negative energy on you instead of using that energy to do good. Congrats on ALL of your successes. Happy one year of marriage and MERRY CHRISTMAS to the millen gordon family, carrie, cal, the painters, and the fur babies.

  18. I've been watching this channel for a bit and it's clearly changed – money and possessions are clearly your focus. Yes I wish I had your wealth but I don't know if I spend it on getting a CD bag to get bits and bobs out of the car! you both seem like good people but this channel is not for me .

  19. I don't understand why people get so offended with Lydia's purchases. I met people who had much less than her and their attitude was truly unbearable and disrespectful. Lydia is actually very real and down to Earth. So what, they have three cars? So what he bought a new bag? She earned these money herself and indulges herself in those purchases. Should she just lock her money in the vault? How many of you actually bought your friends $800 bags? Love you Lidyaaaaa!!! Keep it up!!! I am also sick for more than a week now, so I feel ya)))


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