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  1. If you didn’t catch the end of the video MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE FOR ME!!
    I am doing a 10k Q&A/mukbang video 😜🍕
    Questions can be about anything, not just uni!! ❤️

  2. So sorry to hear about your back pain. I feel exactly the same, 2018 was the year I started to have chronic back pain too. It is very frustrating. I hope you get answers from your CT scan and things start to improve for you xxxxxx <3

  3. For the q and a: what is your favourite thing about Ethan? Are you guys the only couple in your friend group that have been together for so long? Do you guys plan on getting married and if yes, when? How many kids do you want?

  4. Happy new year Selina! loveee the new camera quality! Which huda beauty palette is it that you used? and which stila glitter? Your makeup is insane, I love it XX

  5. Good luck for Wednesday! I'm an Exeter fresh studying Psych and everyone on my course is on the verge of losing their damn minds over how much/little/how to approach revision for the exams next week…would be SO helpful to know how you prepped for 1st year exams xx

  6. Feel like I can’t move, been eating non stop over Xmas, told myself get back to normal eating on the 27th Dec ( that didn’t happen ) too many Xmas treats, then new year the same, and it’s now 4th January and still blaming Xmas. I have health issues too so can’t just go to the gym and burn it off. Anyway somehow got to try and get a grip do some swimming and healthy eating. I sympathise completely all the nice clothes getting too tight !!! 😂😂😂 So Yeah the resolution is to try and feel good again & happy with my body. Camera great Selina love it. Happy new year hope 2019 is great for you X

  7. When you were applying to university did you ever consider doing a different degree than psychology or did you always know that’s what you wanted to do? Where did you apply to and why did you choose Exeter? (Im applying to university atm so it’s interesting to me) also, how long have you and Ethan been together? Do you have any plans of moving in together after both of you finish your degree? Hope you haven’t filmed it already. Love you X

  8. I love the new camera 📸!
    For New Year’s Eve, I visited my cousin in Washington D.C. and we went to The Wharf which is a plaza with many activities, restaurants & other businesses to visit. Our plan was to go ice skating but it was raining 🌧! AUGH – we still made major fun though. 😊

  9. Do you have a religion? I first thought that you were muslim because I've heard the adhan in one of your vlogs. I like your vlogs, keep up the good work girl!!

  10. For the Q&A I would like to know: how do you motivate your self to study or to do any work? And how do you see your self in like 5 years ?

  11. i suffer from chronic pain and i get you – but it's good that you are so open about it because it helps more people's awareness! i hope you get the results you want <3

  12. For the Q&A- how did you get into the gym and weightlifting? Did you do it all on your own or follow a guide, etc? Hope that’s ok to ask, please ignore if it’s a difficult thing to talk about x also maybe top 5 drugstore cruelty free makeup products? And which other unis did you apply to? Was Exeter your first choice? Sorry for so many! Xxx

  13. Q and A : what is your 2019 new years resolution and what plans do you have after you finish your degree . What about youtube. Will you still vlog after you graduate ?

  14. It's so sad to hear all your feelings about the year depending on your body size. Girl, you look amazing! It's such a waste of life to feel you need to be a certain shape to enjoy life fully. Clean eating is the absolute devil as well, really terrible way to train yourself that even healthy foods are bad. It's easy to put more activity in to your daily life by going for walks (get a pedometer and set a daily challenge), and cutting down on foods (have half a banana in a smoothie instead of two whole ones, they're hella sugary) without denying yourself and then feeling like crap when you eat things you want. It doesn't have to be all (weight training, clean eating) or nothing, small steps make big changes. I hope 2019 isn't about your dress size but about all the great things you will achieve and make fun memories of.

  15. Q&A: Are you fluent in Turkish? How often do you visit Turkey? What is your favourite Turkish dish? Love you so much Selina, you are actually so funny. I can't stop laughing at some of the shit you say xx 😂💕

  16. Thanks for keeping it real. As somebody who also suffers from chronic pain daily, I really hope your health improves in 2019. Happy New Year!


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