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  1. There is a cheaper version of the velvet cami on Amazon for $15. I bought it after seeing the Express version and it's pretty great – search SheIn velvet cami.

  2. You are so gorgeous Lee !!! Let's start with what doesnt look good on you lol!!!! Love love love the white furry sweater with the glitter skirt on u for new years !!! You make them all look amazing!!!! But that really made your features pop and it's fun and still looks hot !!!! Thank you so much so many good choices!!!! And so many ideas for everyone watching!!!! I wish u had posted ur karaoke video !!! I bet it was so fun we havent done that in forever!!!!Happy Holidays to u and ur beautiful family !!! I wish u guys continued success ,love, happiness, and a lifetime of kisses from your babies!!!!!!🤗♥️♥️♥️

  3. Just bought many of these pieces ! Thanks so much . I am glad I don’t live next door to you because I have so many of your clothing recommendations from your videos and blogs ! We would have to call each other before we left the house ? LOL !
    Could you consider doing a haul and review of Venus ? Have you heard of them ?
    They have great prices on everything including resort wear , swimsuits, comfy cozy casual wear including lounge wear ,pyjamas, jewelry , shoes etc … Just an idea .

    All the best of the season to you , Dylan. Emma and Noah.

  4. Great video! I personally have the same exact struggles every single year 🙁
    I take way too long to start choosing a dress for the new year's eve party and then just starting to panic at the last moment not knowing what to wear. But luckily I've found some classy dresses with good sales.
    Anyways,love this channel. Soon 50K I hope 🙂
    edit: btw if anyone wants the site : https://maurwena.com/

  5. Thank you! I love this video definitely big help specially for some that's always on the GO! And doesn't have time to think about paring outfits. Gives me ideas thanks!

  6. Love everything!!! So creative with the pairing! Would love to see a business casual outfit ideas video, office wear stepped down from true business attire if that makes sense!

  7. My faves where black mini, green velvet cami, jumpsuit and fluffy white sweater. Very classic and festive. I can see these pieces to be used year round.

  8. Love your videos! So happy I found you. I'd like to see more videos from American Eagle, Express, and Urban Outfitters. I know you've done videos from these brands in the oat but these are just the ones I love! Thanks for sharing! Also, just followed your insta and LOVE


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