Hello welcome again to my YouTube channel I’m Rosie henshaw x at this time I’m bringing you a try on haul from subsequent it’s the beginning of a Christmas party outfit Ideas sequence so all through subsequent few weeks will probably be attempting on from totally different shops to seek out the most effective party Clothes for the festive season. So seize a cuppa and hopefully take pleasure in xxxx


  1. I NEED a Spanx video! what is the best brands of shapewear, we have identical figures and would love some advice on the best places for shapewear etc? You look fab in everything!!!

  2. Thank you for this Rosie, I love NEXT and fancied that cream jumper with the stars online, now I know what it looks like xx

  3. Rosie I could watch you everyday ❤️. I have been working all weekend so I've been looking forward to watching this video for days 😀. You have made my Monday, I laughed all the way through. You chose beautiful pieces to try, the dress is really stunning. If you have a bling brooch you could add it to the waist where the ruching is if you wanted to wear more than once.

    My favourite shops for party wear are M&S (obviously as I work there 😂), New Look, Asos, H&M, Zara, Lindy Bop, Collectif, Joanie and primark. Xjx

  4. Ooh, some nice bits there Rosie, love that dress, going to look for that myself, wrap over suits my shape (apple) and looked FABulous on you. Loved the skirt and top too, try the top tucked in, bet it would be lovely. Actually, I watched this video on my TV and when you were saying you didn’t like the top so smocky with the skirt, I was like “oh, just tuck it in” and you kept talking and I said “yea, just tuck it in Rosie” and then “ROSIE, tuck it in”, guess you didn’t hear me lol. So that’s why I was laughing when you were talking about singing the Christmas songs coz I talk to you on the telly even though you can’t hear me 👍🤪 Anyway, I’m coming to your house this Christmas just so I can hear your rendition of Elvis 🥳💃xx

  5. Hi Rosie, Hope your little boy is feeling better now, sometimes they just need a cuddle with mummy when they are not well. Loved the dress and red skirt on you. See you Tuesday 🎄💖👍🏻

  6. Wow that silvery dress with a flap is gorgeous! You look stunning! Please say you are keeping it 😀 I love all the outfits on you! and yes, I also do the thing when I hear a song 😉 best wishes! 🙂

  7. Love the glittery dress! Sat next to the hubby whilst watching your video; he says yeah but you don’t need any Christmas party stuff do you?!🙄
    Any ideas on going our coats/jackets would be welcomed please. xxx

  8. Beautiful pieces I love the next glittery dress but I think you should change it for the 16 as it comes out too much at the hips and hides your lovely curves 💖 watch the video back stood on the stool and you’ll see what I mean 💕💕 love your videos and glad you’re little boy is feeling better xx


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