No Man’s Sky Ship Hangar – Upgrading / Modding Station.

Played on PS4 in Normal mode utilizing PSVR headset in cinema (Normal) mode.

(Excuse the low body charges, there are too many positioned items for the PS to deal with in present model. It could also be worse as I’m working the sport from the disc & utilizing the VR headset, which can put extra load than normal on the processor – Hopefully efficiency is improved within the Beyond replace with giant/complicated bases)

custom-built Ship Upgrading Workshop.
In this video I max out* my model new, freshly found S-Class Beyond-style ship.
(Almost the identical mannequin) (From one other system which I’ll share the small print of in an upcoming vid)

I used to be simply intending to position a number of darkish panels all the way down to get some pics of my new ship, however then one concept led to a different & I ended up with this huge hangar.
Also constructed with inspiration from the potential of getting extra customisation choices for our ships within the coming Beyond replace.

Note: Although I’ve positioned as many upgrades as I can match within the ship, I’ve but to tweak, refine & enhance the ships improve modules by changing them with different S-Class modules till the best stat variations are all in place.
I will even take away the Teleport module & the Rocket Launcher for this one.
And probably change the two Shield modules within the Tech stock for two extra S-Class Phase Beam improve modules.
I’ll try this in an upcoming video, accompanied with a Maneuverability Flight Test.

I even have extra ships to work on after that and put them via the identical course of, with a take a look at flight & comparability.
This specific fighter is nice trying however is not technically my finest fighter. That’s to return in one other vid quickly.

I found this planet just lately. It is a rich Corvex system and has a Chrome 38-12 Explorer with white trims which may spawn in S-Class. (I’ll put up all information about it quickly)
There can also be a White Exotic Squid Ship which visits sometimes.
The planet is Paradise sort with no climate exercise & has minimal, peaceable sentinels.
It’s positioned very near the centre of Euclid.

I will probably be sharing the portal coordinates for this planet in an upcoming video, together with different S-Class ships & their places which I’ve found on my travels. ‘Stay tuned’. Cheers.
To infinity..




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