No Man’s Sky has many hidden gems, however this Crashed S Class Fighter is one hell of a ship, It’s out there on all Platforms and Difficulties and resides within the Euclid Galaxy. Get this Excellent No Man’s Sky S Class Fighter without spending a dime and both Fix it up half technique to commerce or all the best way to maintain.

This Xaine’s World NMS particular was dropped at you through DottKomm, an everyday to the channel who went that additional mile and shared his discovering with the neighborhood, massive because of DottKomm for that!

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  1. The address and other such things can be found in the original post by DottKomm on the FDI Amino

    Here is an import code for the details on gaining this S Class Fighter on the Galactic Calculator

    #1$11CC857FC7E5:Crashed S Fighter DK:Crashed Heavy Fighter discovered by DottKomm. neg36.09, neg7.52.$#

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  2. That plop, after the address imput, was the most beautiful i've ever heard. Nice fighter. I also don't like barrel nosed fighters, but i found a system where 2 heavies spawn at first wave. S class was easy, about 7 reloads.

  3. My encounters with pirate lately have all listed chlorine as the valuable resource they're seeking. So I understand the price being high. My fighter is much the same as that one, but I appreciate ALL your videos and find them interesting whether I already own a ship or not.
    Is the ship you're flying the one you settled on when you were seeking the black stealth fighter?

  4. Awesome dude! First vid I watched after I got home from a business trip, definitely gonna go pick this up as a trade-in on my survival save. Peace, and thanks again Dottkomm!

  5. I absolutely love the barrel nose fighters (and the pointy nose obviously). I found an s class 38+12 slot fighter with the barrel nose a few days ago.

  6. Hi Xaine, another great video, I have a couple of new saves this fighter might find a new home on, I only need to get one of the crash haulers for them too. I have also started scanning for distress signals on new planets, the best I have found so far was an A47+8 hauler, nothing S class yet except a couple of shuttles LOL


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