Here is an S Class Experimental Multitool from No Man’s Sky that has Neon Pink, Cyber Punk type Crystals, black diamond decal sample with a Mint Green base color, Today we’ll cowl the Portal Address and different Location info so you may get your Weapon in NMS.

Here are hyperlinks to all 36 S Class Experimental Multitools:
01 Orange Decal
02 Orange Fade
03 Red Decal
04 Yellow Fade Decal
05 S Class Yellow with Black Circle
06 Dark Red with Neon Blue Decal
07 Yellow with Blue Decal
08 Horned with Black Circle
09 Yellow Fade
10 Black Diamond
11 Dark Orange Base with Blue Fade
12 Pale Red Base with Mint Green Neon Decal
13 Blue Fade
14 Mint Green Decal
15 Blood Orange Base with Black Diamond
16 Peach Base with Apricot Fade
17 Vibrant Red Base with Black Circle
18 Neon Blue Base with Neon Green Decal
19 Yellow Base with Off-White Decal
20 Blue Fade
21 Mint Green Base with Black Diamond
22 Matte Blue Base with Black Circle
23 Horned with Black Diamond
24 Horned with Green Fade
25 Red Crystals with Beige Decal
26 Pink to Grey Crystals with Black Diamond
27 Green Crystals with Red Decal
28 Pink Crystals with Black Circle and Mint Green Base
29 Pale Green Crystals with Black Circle
30 Yellow Crystals with Blue Fade
31 Black Crystals with Tan Decal
32 Pale Pink to Grey Crystals with Red Fade
33 Orange/Red with Black Circle
34 Black Crystal with Black Diamond
35 Pink Crystal with Black Diamond
36 Blue Crystal with Yellow Fade

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  1. Discovered by Hazukidojo

    Original Video

    Galactic Calculator Web App

    Galactic Calculator Import Code:

    #1$1145FC28F4B8:EXP MT 28 Grn PnkCrys:Experimental, Mint Green with Black Diamond Decals and Pink Crystals. Discovered by Hazukidojo. Planet Frzn. LatLong neg30.38, 4.20.$#

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  2. I cant get this to work. Theres no other planets i can land on to do a manual save. So i go to the space station, do an autosave and reload the autosave. When i get to the multitool it's not the one. I've tried several times. No luck…

  3. Thanks again as always. As a question though, I prefer Alien tools as they increase damage and look way different, I figure scanning radius is NOT as important as when you get one of these you just move and hit scan button again. Whats everyone elses thoughts?

  4. For anyone confused by Xaine’s explanation on how to get that multitool even when you’re in a different galaxy, here’s a more simple explanation.

    Have a friend who is in the Euclid galaxy to go to that system with the s class multitool using a portal. Then despite being in a different galaxy you can join your friends game and you’ll be in the Euclid galaxy with them and you’ll also be in that system that has the multitool. then you can buy it. You can also do this with ships.

  5. I just got rid of my experimental and now this.
    I had a sweet S (white with red crystals. )
    Green looks cool!
    Please keep making good content.

  6. Hi Xaine, this is such an awesome looking MT I dumped one of my Aliens to get it a week or so ago, just having it in the menu makes me pause for a closer look. 🙂

  7. I've still got my white experimental S class from before NEXT, with +44 damage, +88 mining, and +100 scanning. Has any other multitool since then been found with similar stats?


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