new SWAT NOOSE outfit Glitch GTA 5 Online

Big Shoutout to my man Sins for serving to me out with this outfit. He can also be featured on this video.

If You Have Any Questions Regarding This Outfit Tutorial. Comment down under. I’ll Respond To Everyone.

insta: arsen_yx

PSN: CheckLobby
Crews:/Hated Survivors/Devexity DEVX

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  1. If You Need Any Help.. i’m here
    dont worry i read all comments and i’ll try my best to help yall out.

    Can we get 2000 likes on this one? I’ll post more outfit videos if so 😁💯

  2. The most long time waiting glitch ever, plus the ankles part of the boots are missing, delete this of utube if u have eny self respect,
    There are Better & Quicker ones hear.

  3. There is a much easier way to get it. Just join the custom job: NOOSE/POLICE by Husky_70 on social club and then you join The job, equip the earpiece so the mask dissepears, leave the job and ur good 👌

  4. hey i need help after i bought the puffer jacket at the casino when i left the clothing stores were not on my map and i couldn’t find them i’m currently stuck in the center of los santos searching, what did i do wrong to mess up? (Edit: you can message me on my ps account ttv_savagedonut, i know it’s a stupid name i made it in 4th grade)


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