So a brand new One Punch Man Season 2 PV Trailer got here out lately… Majority of the group dislike the brand new artwork model route, Overall I believe its unrealistic to consider JC Staff can deliver the identical quantity of high quality as Season 1 was… However I do agree the character designs look off.

Love you all a lot thanks for all of the assist!
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  1. When you make videos like this it would help your narrative and the points you wish to create to linger longer on the pictures you are talking about, perhaps even having side by side comparisons. I don't know why you didn't, copyright? you wanting the camera on you? or other reasons, to me it made it difficult to follow your points and it resulted in me having to pull up stills myself, or simply taking what you said at face value with no real critical thought involved.

  2. They used CG on Mountain Ape's chin. If they can't even draw a guy's chin without having to resort to CG, I sure can't imagine them animating the fights. RIP OPM.

  3. Im just sad about the animation. I dont rlly know how its actually gnna be completely, but from the teaser, the animation looked pretty stiff compared to the animation in season 1. I still happy that theres gnna be a season 2, and the new art style doesn't bother me at all.


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