outfit customization Update + Patch Notes! State of Decay 2 – Clothing, Weapons & More! Update 11 #StateofDecay2

Patch Notes Here – https://support.stateofdecay.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034631431-Update-11-Outfit-Customization-

•Weapon Fix Tip https://youtu.be/EK-iID8Y8Xw
•Fast Influence https://youtu.be/EK-iID8Y8Xw
•Unlimited Weapons https://youtu.be/qFQGKlB1TnQ
•Beginner’s Guide https://youtu.be/1S7SO5d-tIE
•Heartland DLC https://youtu.be/yUxNwEwr8vo
•Plague Wall Tips https://youtu.be/R-UAV70nUqA
•Bounty Update https://youtu.be/eVEyhboBzNk

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  1. Yo I knew something was missing I haven’t played for awhile and only Came back for outfits and the hoodie with the ears isn’t in the damn outfits thing for me

  2. We need more vehicles like buggys atvs and motorcycles and I never understood why we have rain collectors but it never rains.I would like weather in the game.thunderstorms wind storms ect.and a radiation zone in the map would be cool where you have to wear a haz suit in order to go in there

  3. I wanna play this game but once I get to day 5 so many zombies spawn and it breaks my game. I've literally been taking out every infestation so I don't know what's wrong

  4. Well at least this gives me something else to do while I go for the 100 day survival achievement in nightmare zone, also I think it's time for another difficulty update I hate to say this but nightmare zone has gotten easy for me, we need a difficulty zone that's called Your Dead Meat

  5. This is why I cant play this game anymore. In SoD1 you were happy just to find a damn sword. Now its "oh the minigun that launches missiles with a flamethrower attachment and Insta kill? Yea it kinda sucks"

    I miss the SURVIVAL part of my zombie survival.

  6. Wait we can actually change your clothes now? holy crap I'm going to have to get back into the game I've been playing the original State of decay for the past month or so


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