Prepare for battle! Jump straight into considered one of the quickest rising video games of all time, with over 40 million gamers, and many professional groups throughout the globe. Creators of World of Warcraft, Blizzard launched their first new IP in 17 years ‘Overwatch’, which has grow to be a world phenomenon. Celebrating hope, range and teamwork, be part of the Overwatch group and listen to from the folks at the very coronary heart of the recreation; the builders, the execs, the followers and the voice actors of Reinhardt, Sombra, Pharah, Symmetra, Ana and extra, on this unofficial documentary. The world may at all times use extra heroes.


  1. celebrating censorship, facism, & profit, join the overwatch community for a whitewashed tour of blizzard's newest nerfed & overhyped phenomenon.

  2. Wow thanks for that Overwatch documentary movie making of the popular video game, I love the game but i can’t understand the lootboxe system , I still can’t unlock the new legendary skins that cost 3000 coins a piece , from the lootboxes, only mostly duplicate items it’s annoying and frustrating

  3. Imagine creating a game that encourages people to be heroic only to support a tyrannical government that oppresses and kills its own people for having an opinion a year later. :T

  4. And then Blizzard up and sez "Thanks for all your money. Now, we're coming out with Overwatch 2 and all your money was for NOTHING! BAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SUCKERS!!"

  5. Sad to say last time i played it…It was difficult to find a game, There wasn't many people online, will probably upload the video footage of that day as a side note(Soldier 76 was back 😀 was well balance again, no longer a weakling). Heard Rumors of a Overwatch 2 with PVE… Does that mean we make our own characters with our own preferred powers??? wouldn't mind to fight alongside Soldier 76, Tracer… D.VA 😛 EDIT: I thought this was a Movie until i realized it was a Documentary, nothing wrong. But, we all await a movie 😀


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