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Happy #vlogmas! Prepping my gentle packing and outfits for Christmas trip and sharing some chilly climate outfit concepts utilizing closet necessities and minimal Clothes. I’m utilizing my new medium Away bag which was despatched to me check out and share. Which is your favorite look? Comment under!

Thank you a lot for watching!

Looks begin at 6:40 😉

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Black turtleneck:

Blazer (previous, however it’s a basic merchandise that repeats – right here is the up to date model):

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Camel Sweater (discovered secondhand however that is stunning possibility):

Vintage Sweater (thrifted however LOVE this one)


Leggings (made them myself however these are nice):

Winter Booties:

Winter Snowboots:

Black Belt (thrifted however love this one):

Brown Belt (v. v. previous however this one is a superb substitute):






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  1. I usually roll, though last time I did international travel, I tried this packing method for stuff I didn't want to wrinkle (from this video, at the 3:44 mark: and kinda liked it! Thanks for a great video as always! I loved the outfit combos–loved when you popped the collar and sleeves on the white shirt and that turtleneck really does make everything look chic! Thanks!

  2. Oh Dear… please invest in base layer, thermals! They are very thin (adding no bulk), heat regulating, and easily packed. You’ll find it well worth every penny!

  3. great video Alyssa. re: fold or roll…i usually only ever travel with a carryon, regardless of length of the trip (3 days or 3 weeks) and I've found rolling along with the use of compression bags and/or packing cubes are essential, especially for trips that will involve multiple activities/sports and seasonal conditions. i've heard great things about the Away suitcases, glad you're enjoying yours. have a good week.

  4. Always love your videos and your approach. I use to over pack and now I’m getting better and better. Can I suggest a different pair of jeans, not as tight in my opinion would look more stylish and current because the rest of your chosen items are very classy and timeless. Best wishes

  5. Beautiful smart funny responsible creative! Did I say beautiful? 🙂 Love you and your videos. I always roll and amen to the packing cubes. My hubby and I did 5 weeks in Europe in 3 different climates with only a tiny carry-on each and loved it! Overpacking stresses me out as I then have to come up with outfits at my destination. Love learning the different outfit combos – thank you for sharing, Alyssa! Natalya

  6. Lovely video, Alyssa! Love how it starts out! Great outfits!
    As for me in packing…if going with a lot of clothing, I roll. Less, I fold, but either way .. I put them in the dry cleaner bag, before putting them in my suitcase. They do not get wrinkled at all this way!
    Have a terrific weekend! It's my BD Party weekend, so after work tomorrow, all's going to break loose!! 😀🥂🌹Cheers!

  7. Love your new luggage Alyssa! For very cold weather, I wear wooly tights and leather pants and my Aquatalia all weather dressy boots with rubber treads. I will invest in a set of luggages. I will check out yours.

  8. I'm a roller. Like others have mentioned it saves space, no wrinkles and I can see everything. I even choose to do the same in my drawers at home. I love how you can pack so light with so many outfit options. Enjoying your vlogmas videos so much.

  9. Happy Holidays, Alyssa! The way I pack a belt is just have it unrolled and let it wrap the inside perimeter of the case and pack a reversible belt so u have 2 for 1. Also, I found rolling gives the most space.

  10. Love the packing video. My husband and I travel a lot. I have a large purple light weight suitcase and a small carry on roller similar to the one you have…but smaller. We go on cruises for at least 22 days and sometimes up to 6 weeks. I pack several dinner outfits… and I ROLL. WEIGH the suitcase and delete the items that I can afford to delete. I stuff shoes with underwear and socks. I line the edges of the suitcase with my belts. I pack a swimsuit in my carry on (cruise ships have spas) and light weight flip flops in the outside of the bag. I love that your new suitcase comes with a laundry bag…genius …as are the two spaces along the sides. I would be trying to line up my shoes in those spaces…LOL. Really cute outfits. I love how you styled the white shirt that I now own as well! Great video!

  11. Thanks for all the tips. I really struggle with cold weather winter packing. I can see that I try and take too many pieces compared to what you packed. Then the shoe and boot thing . Wow.. I did get a packable bag puffy down jacket. I like your tip about trying on the outfit options before you pack.

  12. Alyassa, you do such a wonderful job making outfits and making them look stylish. One question, I always find my jeans tend to get stretched out after a few wares. I’m also petite, so jeans that fit me probably are always a struggle. Thanks!

  13. Hey Alyssa, thanks for sharing this lovely video – i will be travelling next week (short trip) so this video has come at a good time. Love the music you've used. And oh, i roll all my light weight clothes, fold heavy weight ones and leave blazers unfolded like you xx

  14. Hi Allyssa, for your clothes packing I would suggest packing cubes- they really organize your luggage and and keeps unpacking at your destination super simple. I have several sets by now and can’t recommend them enough

  15. I once packed for a week to Alaska in the Summer in one carry on and one tote bag, I rolled everything, even a jacket, a raincoat, and another purse inside the tote. It took all the worry out of waiting for luggage and hoping it was all there. Loved all the outfits you made with the limited articles of clothing! Have a wonderful trip, Alyssa.

  16. Nice combos. I really like the white button shirt over the turtleneck. I need to find a medium weight shirt like that. And I never thought of putting a blazer over a sweater, I'm def going to try it. I typically fold my clothes in packing cubes. Rolling creates too many wrinkles. You can certainly fit more with rolling, but I find that I don't really need to bring that much anyways.

  17. I'm a roller because I can see everything I've got at a glance and can fit items into the nooks and crannies. Also, I keep dirty clothes in a separate bag, so rolling make it easier to separate everything and save space. Enjoying this!


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