This is the Part 1 excerpt from the Stockholm Synchronization Workshop. You will see the introduction to the workshop together with the primary session held on stage. Teal speaks with the participant about loneliness and avoidant attachment relationship model. Through understanding the avoidant attachment model we will perceive the foundation of many loneliness afflictions on this planet.

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Part 2 of three – Synchronization Workshop – Triggered by Your Own Children

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Teal Swan is a revolutionary for private transformation and is ranked 27th on The Watkins Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2018. As a famend creator, speaker and social media star, she travels the world educating self-improvement and educating folks rework their emotional, psychological, bodily and religious ache.


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Help us caption & translate this video!

Help us caption & translate this video!


  1. Love is conditional and a win-win contract!
    You cannot tell others what they should want, it has to be what you want!
    Require men to be unselfish is just naive, you have to be smart enough to test the men and sift out a good man from bad guys!

  2. So what Does it look like if he opened the door? Sorry if she explains it But I had to ask. I'm always in relationships with avoidants and i want to know what to listen for to know the door us opened and make sure I'm considering his needs. Didn't want to forget my question. Lol.

  3. Is it possible to somehow relate to the avoidant attachment style, but also feeling abandonment in childhood and having abandonment issues as well? Can the avoidant style stem from abandonment? Like I don't want people to abandon me so I turned myself into the power figure that doesn't hesitate to abandon others? Because then it feels like my free will, and it's a compensation. Maybe I've been taught abandonment is the only way relationships work so instead being the one who's abandoned, I rather choose to do the necessary without harm towards myself, therefore being unable to attach myself to others, and only being able to put myself into the more powerful person – the one who avoids, and leaves. Is that possible or am I reaching? It feels really fucked up, but it makes sense to me. What if I need total and complete closeness AND absolute independency at some point as well. Or is it just that people with the avoidant style actually need the closeness it's just supressed like Teal said, and that's the only reason I feel this way? I don't know it's just that when she said the word "abandonment" it hit me like a brick and I had tears in my eyes so there needs to be a relation to that. But in relationships I choose the avoidant attachment style. Is it the disorganized attachment style? I honestly do feel the need to be close but also to run away as fast as I can. It's just… I feel fucked up, honestly. I can't figure myself out.

  4. Does anyone know the name of the song that immediately begins to play when the video starts? Sometimes her Synchronization Workshop intro tunes vary but I love this one and would like to hear the full version.

  5. I relate so much I cannot express. Recently sabotaged my relationship because I want to run away from literally any guy. I wanted to keep fighting knowing about my issues but he just was fed up with me. It sucks.

  6. Wow, now I know why I felt so drawn to go to that Stockholm workshop!!! That most powerfully resonates! What struck me when Teal said that women are interested in and motivated by another's pain is the simultaneous realisation that we are completely wasting our time by appealing to a man in sharing our pain. Someone else's pain just does not motivate a man, he only cares about avoiding HIS pain.

  7. Psychopathology
    performed in public.. There are a few things to consider before swallowing the whole Teal-workshop: What kind of teacher are you looking for? Is she treating the people on stage with respect and from a loving attitude? Teal is smart, has lots of knowledge and can refer to lots of already written psychological texts and old wisdom, which touches us in many ways. If you lift your head a bit higher you will notice that she is extremely manipulative and she is not meeting people with love. and compassion. Please see with what she is ACTUALLY meeting people. It is not welcoming, It is not kind. IT is not with a loving heart. But it is manipulative.
    This is psychopathology happening in front of your eyes without noticing.

    I have been to her workshops, been super open and interested, and the TOPICS are very interesting, yet something is not right. That is why I am concerned and why I writing this post.

    Notice how she manipulates conversations, confusing people and is very condescending and belittles people on stage, the applauds of the audience… That is NOT OK. Ask yourselves if you think this is really ok.

    Please be careful of who you choose as a teacher.

    Look for teachers that comes from TRUE LIGHT and LOVE, who treats people with respect and loving attitude, who are compassionate.

    I suppose this is an expression of our age in time.. Kali Yuga. where people cannot see right from wrong.. truth from untruth. Good if people get new insights from the topics she brings up that leads towards self-awareness in her workshop, but be aware, it does not come for a place of compassion!

    Look for teachings born out of true light and love…

    peace out…..


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