A video with TONNES of outfit inspiration for get together season! I completely ADORE all of those seems to be.



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Polka dot blazer*http://bit.ly/2Q8eUqV

Polka dot trousers*http://bit.ly/2Ry2SUt

Metallic physique*http://bit.ly/2T28oiq

Charm necklace*http://bit.ly/2RAWY4J

Initial smiley necklace

Black heels *http://bit.ly/2CoMVLb

Beaded bag*http://bit.ly/2QlToiJ

Pink Glossier Lipstick- Crush*http://bit.ly/2ScYv1l

Velvet bag*http://bit.ly/2RDeaqo

Red satin heeled mules*http://bit.ly/2T79R7l

Rainbow sock boots*http://bit.ly/2CqNPa0

Rainbow sequin cami*http://bit.ly/2T25hae

White tee*http://bit.ly/2T26vlQ

Leather knee boots*http://bit.ly/2QhVi3F

Pink Prada purse*http://bit.ly/2rK7SKk

Pearl clip*http://bit.ly/2RybURp

Metallic Sparkle flares*http://bit.ly/2CqOmsw

Metallic coat*http://bit.ly/2Qhgo1X

Jimmys Tee

Star earrings*

Red Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick- Tell Laura

Rainbow glitter flares*http://bit.ly/2CrFVx1

Black tuxedo jacket*http://bit.ly/2CqOS9W

Black beaded purse*http://bit.ly/2PWTYmu

Estée Lauder Lipstick*http://bit.ly/2SZl75t

Sequin bolero jacket*http://bit.ly/2T3GiU4

Pink star arm knit

Rhinestone skirt*http://bit.ly/2FdJque

Snake boots*http://bit.ly/2QE1jDW

Bare Minerals Gloss- Must Have*http://bit.ly/2Cpq7uP

White shirt*http://bit.ly/2T342aR

Snake trousers*

Nars Lipstick- Mona


  1. New Sub here! I love for how crazy different you dress. Your daring and soooo cute and funny. If anything you brought me joy- something I look for in a fashionista because most care about the clothes and forget about the vibe and yours all are good and positive. Thank you and definitely inspiring and pushing me further than my safe boundaries!😍😍😍😘👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Not that the QUEEN of style needs any tips but I wonder how the black tuxedo blazer would have looked with the snakeprint trousers & the white blouse with the rainbow flares & beaded rainbow bag. Xo

  3. The snake 🐍 print trousers 👖 and the platform boots 👢 are everything loved this Megan 🙌🏻♥️💯and merry Christmas 🎄 Megan and a happy new year 🥳 all the best for 2019 xxxxx

  4. The outfit with the black tuxedo and rainbow flares was my favourite 😍 I rocked rainbow flares for my work Christmas party, but definitely plan on styling them again like this look! Xx

  5. LOVE seeing you in a skinny style pants (snake print ones), so flattering!!… I never understand the awkward length flares as I feel they make everyone's legs look shorter…

  6. THEY'RE ALL MY FAVOURITES! No honestly, I can't choose, but I have to say, your legs in those snake print trousers are 👌👌👌 All that working out has really paid off (and now I sound like a total perv.) Point is you look stunning ✨ Also, I'm pretty sure your soul looks like rainbow striped lurex ✨

  7. Your style is incredible. I bloody love it. Just remembered I’ve got gold glittery leggings from Topshop I bought about 4 years ago now. Although I’m not the size I was then (10/12) I might just be rocking them out at new year… I’m gonna be daring. Oh I’ve just recently painted my living room to a similar colour of the room you were showing the clothes and it’s made everything come together… I’m sooo happy i made the decision. You are a big fashion and interior inspiration.. have a fab Christmas and new year. Much love xx

  8. Going to be treating myself to those snake pants! Have been obsessing over them since I saw your insta stories. Question how they fit though? Are they true to size or should I go up in size. You mentioned they were hard to get into.

  9. It’s so wonderful to see you enjoying filming again!! You’re style is amazing and you’ve got such a gorgeous personality that just shines through in all your content! Keep smashing it girl!

  10. You look absolutely fantastic Megan and I am loving the new hair. Those rainbow sock boots are absolutely incredible and also the look with the rainbow glitter flares – honestly fantastic, my favourite I think! xx

  11. Sometimes I wonder where you find this stuff! It's OUT THERE in the best possible way! I myself am a huge fan of bold prints (mainly in blazers) and I LOVE colour, so I appreciate your look 100%.

  12. hey Megan ! great video and stying ideas ! one thing : the noise of your bracelets are a little bit tiring in the audio, maybe something to think about for the next one ?


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